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Due to Gaia theory will global warming not be as detrimental to life as first expected?

Asked by weeeee (62points) April 18th, 2010

Are all species part of Gaia theory or does Gaia theory only account for a small number of animals?

Will the changes be to fast for our atmosphere to catch up and evolution?

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What’s Gaia theory?

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If you don’t know I don’t think you’ll be able to help me in this question.

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First let’s test Gaia Theory empirically. Right now, no one has any idea how to answer this question, and if they think they do they are wrong or deluded.

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Thanks, didn’t they created computer models showing that in this model Gaia theory was true? On BBC 4 that’s what they showed us.

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Don’t forget that the worry about global warming is not that it will be detrimental to life, but that it will be detrimental to Human life. Gaia Theory or not, no-one thinks it will be the end of life on earth just that some species will have a harder time. (Such as us)

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Telly ain’t data.

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:) Yeah, I didn’t want to make out I believe it’s because TV says so, but I thought it was compelling.

Lets imagine hypothetical it’s true, what has huge implication in answering because we’ll be working off bases that aren’t true, lets see if we can answer this still.

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@weeeee I was hoping you’d provide a resource you find valuable so I could educate myself.

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Global warming is a cover story for weather- and tectonic-influencing technologies (as well as convenient way to levy taxes once gas and oil are eclipsed as energy sources).

See here, here, and here.

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@kevbo Are you saying global warming is caused by gov’t weapons?

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I’m saying the technology causes anomalous events and coupled with what may or may not be a natural warming trend, we are being led to believe this is manmade global warming/anthropogenic climate change.

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What makes you so certain that “global warming is detrimental to life”? Let’s suppose that the planet (specifically “the planet’s crust”—and its atmosphere) is undergoing a gradual warming. Why do you think that’s going to be “detrimental to life”?

Even if it kills all of the humans and all of the mammals, that’s not “all life”. Bacteria will thrive. Nematodes, ditto. Plants will have a field day (so to speak).

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Don’t forget that they found out some of the major scientists who worked on the global warming theory were found to be manipulating the data. A few have even been brought up on charges.

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“were found to be manipulating the data”
If you even read the papers and understood what they mean, plus the inquiry that’s not true.

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gaia theory suggests to sustain life in general. in theory, it may lead to events that could perhaps lead to a shit load of human deaths (somehow) to curb mans contribution to climate change so as to sustain livable conditions for life on earth

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The issue is that Gaia’s thermostat makes slow changes only. Earth will survive. Many species will survive. The issue is about changing ecosystems over a short period of time. Many species won’t be able to adapt in time. Our food chains can be disrupted. Humanity will most likely survive, but instead of 7 billion the new Earth might be able to sustain just 2 billion. There will be a lot of mourning about the missing 5 billion.

We should apply the precautionary principle. Green technologies. Sustainable lifestyles. A modern civilization with computers being powered by smart grids instead of dumb grids.

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