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If you enter France on a travel visa(90 DAY), can you apply to stay longer while still in Frane?

Asked by Discrumt (52points) April 18th, 2010

I came in France on a travel visa and got a job. Can I apply to stay longer without having to return to my home country?

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No. Absolutely not. You’ll have to leave, reapply and then go back. Been there. Done that. Unless you are a member of an EU country, then it may be different. If you’re from the US, no dice.

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If you’re an EU citizen, you don’t need a visa.

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If you’re from the US you don’t need a travel visa. You can stay 3 months just carrying your passport. Only if you want to stay longer you need to apply to get a visa.

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I found a way to stay longer. Visa D… Alot of hours on the phone and alot talking in circles. Orig. I am from PA,USA but it looks like France is home this year at least.

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