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How can I transfer my "favorites" from one computer to another?

Asked by laureth (27174points) April 18th, 2010

Recently I got a shiny new computer. I’m not the tech savvy one in the house, so Mr. Laureth hooked it up for me. However, we can’t seem to find a way to transfer all my bookmarked web pages from the old browser to the new browser. If it matters, the old one is a Dell, Windows XP, using Google Chrome, and the new one is still using Chrome but uses Windows 7 and is an HP.

Any help is appreciated, except please don’t tell me to use Linux or Firefox. I already know I should, that I don’t have enough geek cred without them, and that I’m silly for not using them. Let’s just say my tech learning curve is steep and leave it at that.

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Copy your favourites into a folder, send it to yourself.Simples.

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by send i meant e-mail*

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Save to a thumb drive.

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@escapedone7 – thanks!!

@Rage and @reijinni – I’m sure those are great solutions, too, except I don’t know how to do either of those. I’ll consult with the house geek.

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@laureth Turn on bookmark sync in Chrome’s preferences. As long as you have a google account, all your bookmarks should be current between all your Chrome browsers.

It’s like @escapedone7‘s suggestion, but you shouldn’t need to fiddle with the Terminal because I’m pretty sure it’s standard in the newest build of Chrome.

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Then to avoid future issues, create a account and start storing all your bookmarks there. Then you’ll be able to get to them no matter what computer you’re on. :)

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@dverhey – I’m so dumb, I can’t even find “preferences” in chrome.

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@laureth “Options”? I’m used to being on a mac.

Edit: Try here.

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Ah, there it is. :) Thanks!

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Xmarks will sync your bookmarks among different machines and different browsers. Internet Explorer/Chrome/Safari/Firefox.

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Chrome and the most recent IE will sync bookmarks. Firefox has at least one plug-in that will do the same, I think.

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Ok, I used @dverhey‘s advice, and the problem is solved. Thanks everybody! :)

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Most browsers have a way of exporting them as an html file and importing them intp the browser on your new computer.

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Use the easy transfer cable and the wizard built into the windows 7.Firstly you have to install the easy transfer wizard to xp using the installation cd of windows 7.Then it’s just the matter of following the wizard. It’s very simple!

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