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Which attribute would use want a ring of special power to have?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) April 18th, 2010

Let say you visited a carnival, and there and old man tried to sell you a ring. He said he could adorn the ring with certain attributes or powers that when you invoke them they will serve you for 45 minutes and then the ring will go dormant for the next 6 hours until you could use it again. He also told you there could be side affects to using the ring. If you purchased it which power or attribute would you want the ring to have if given the choice of being invisible (just you not your clothes or anything you carry), super strength (you could toss a fully loaded cement truck 60 miles with the ease of flinging a cotton ball), super speed (you can walk up to some one draw a Sharpie mustache on someone and leave ant it would appear to them to come from nowhere), the ability to read peoples’ minds to know what they are thinking right when they are thinking it, the ability to manipulate people to plant a thought in their head to do or not do something and they will think it was their choice to make, and why did you chose the attribute you did?

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Invisibility, for sure. So many ways to have fun with that ability.

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Tooth from suction, loose from friction. I would like my ring to have the power to grant sanity to people around me. Even virtual people.

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@dpworkin Then you would want to have the power to manipulate, but since you would have the power for only 45 minutes every 6 hours (if used each time it regenerated) you would have a big task on your hands, and no guarantee it would stick once you left them. :-)

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Oh, darn. I’m disappointed now.

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The attribute to be able to slow time. I imagine I could get a lot done with in that 45mins, if it was stretched 3 fold, or to the speed at which I choose.

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@Axemusica In absense of slowing time down to have super speed would not work if you could go to the mall and back in 20 nanoseconds?

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@Hypocrisy_Central I want to slow time! screw super speed! lol :P

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@Hypocrisy_Central The ability to stop time for 45 minutes at a time and be able to act freely withing that segmet of still time. Damn that would Kick fucking ass. All in all it amounts to 3 hours more a day, plus all the benefits of a still but interactive world around me.

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I want the power to mute individuals that seem to have the inability to regulate their own inane speech.

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for 45 minutes I could cure any disease or ailment a person had….but I would be sort of a villain because I would charge money for it. I would probably end up being the richest most powerful man in the world…muwhahahaha

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ring of destruction of all other magic rings… so the power can not be mis-used anymore

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@talljasperman Now how in the world would anyone MISUSE any attribute like that yes the sarcasm is very dry? If one could be invisable no one would do wrong with that. :-)

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If I had a ring like that I would use it to fly and have telekinetic powers. :)

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A ring of magical ring forging.

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Who says a forged ring would work? To have hundreds of rings with no power is like not having but one ring anyhow. LOL

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