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Do Cats have 'growth spurts' like kids?

Asked by majorrich (14689points) April 18th, 2010

My cat is 5 years old and has recently showed obvious signs of growth. He is taller and wider and has gained almost 2 pounds. This has occurred over the past month. I figure by this age he is pretty much an adult cat, or is he just a late bloomer filling out?

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Yes, cats have growth spurts. Kitties, mid life and old age

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I’ve noticed the same with my three year old queen, she was so small for so long she lived up to her name ‘MOUSE’ but over the last month or so she really seems to have filled out, I guess she’s in her late teens by now! :-/
She’s definitely getting a fuller figure!! Lol.. So I guess they must have stages of growth as we do…..

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Maybe he’s controlling your mind with his awesome kitty powers!

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