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what is the best charcoal grill

Asked by richierich (4points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

in the market for a new BBQ grill

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I have always been a fan of Weber.

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Weber one touch 21. Versatile, durable.

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For good quality at entry-level prices, you can not go wrong with Weber. Anything cheaper is generally flimsy and will not last. A well maintained Weber can give you ten years of service. Keep it clean and free of moisture and it will last and last.

The Cadillac of these things is a Kamado but these are a major investment and you can’t touch one for under $500 and would probably spend more. I think that all in, with accessories that I have purchased and freight from San Diego to North Carolina, my investment is over $1,300. The #%# thing weighs over 250 pounds and took four grown men ( one teen-ager) to get it up the five steps from my driveway to my deck.

But these are really marvelous units, once you learn how to use them and it takes a bit trial and error to really get there.

Check out their website. I have a #5 in cobalt blue.


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I only deal with propane and propane accessories.

I know a GREAT place in Arlen, TX to get one.

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That is so funny. I own all the king of the hill seasons.

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The Green Egg. They have a huge following (multiple forums on the internet).

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I agree, the big green egg, unbelievable the difference in flavor, cook time! My brother and I bought my father one for his 66th, that was six years ago, and the Big Green Egg gets fired up at least once a week if not more. Anything you cook will be juicy and the flavor that the food holds is like no other, but it takes a lot less time as compared to a regular grill. I think my brother does steaks for 2.5–3 min for a med. cooked steaks. There is a little cost but its something you will have for a lifetime. A great investment if you decide to buy. Oh, also it uses natural charcoal, not the square briquettes along with fire starter gel and some kind of electric coil that actually lights the coals. we haven’t had a lot of trouble finding any of them, but we live in SmallTown, USA too. Hope you get one. its great!!!.

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