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What would be your ideal age? Why?

Asked by eden2eve (3693points) April 18th, 2010

If you could advance, or go back to, any physical age, what age would you be today? Would you choose to remain that age until you die, or would you want to age naturally from that point? What about this level of maturity appeals to you?

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I’m pretty happy at 20. I’m the freest, smartest, and most emotionally and financially secure that I have ever been, but I also have the most responsibility.

If I had to choose a younger age, I’d choose 7. 1997 was very good to me.

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30 I think
Lion king :-)

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I think I’m pretty good at 13, but maybe I’d go to 15 or 16. No huge changes.

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I quite like 22. =] I don’t think I’d mind staying 22 forever.

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I like the age iam at now which is 15:**<3

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25, old enough to drink, young enough for everything else. And it just looks good.

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My grandpa used to say, “29 forever!” and that’s good with me ;p

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Well, if it weren’t for the cancer and diabetes, I would say right now is my “ideal age” at almost 67. But because of them, I would have to say “about 50.” I was old enough to know where all the bodies were buried, but smart enough to let them be. I was in great physical shape, running ten miles every other day and working out on alternate days. It didn’t hurt that women in general liked me. : D

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I really love 20. However I think if I could turn 21 and stay there, that would be ideal.
Not being able to legally drink in the states and living that way forever would be pretty crappy.

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I would go back to being 17. Because at that age I would be practically an adult but still considered a child by society. So therefore when I do things that the legal age is 18 for I would feel really rebellious still :-) Also if I was with my husband back then with parental consent with him 26 years older than me, that would be so fun for me. lol. I didnt get with him though until I was 18…..

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I’ve felt like I’ve been 40 since I was 8. So, 5 or 6 would do just fine.

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You couldn’t pay me to go back any earlier than about 35 or so. :)

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I’ve always happily anticipated being 30-something. I think that age would offer a nice mix of physical and mental greatness.

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I thought 31 was pretty terrific, and certainly more than twice as good as 17. But I feel more confident and comfortable in my skin now than I ever have.

Like @CaptainHarley, though, I wouldn’t mind regressing to a date that preceded the onset of certain conditions. I might even do one or two things differently if I were back on the other side of 50.

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I was at my very best between the ages of 16 and 30.

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I was in the best physical shape at 36 and although my mental maturity isn’t what it is today, (Had a pretty bad temper some times) there is something to be said for being impulsive and a little naive. Life seems most vibrant.

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I liked 36, 37. My youngest was 4, my body was slim and healthy, most was good. Can I take back all I know now?

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Sure! I like how you think!

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My 40’s rocked…a great decade in a lot of different ways, just turned 50 a few months ago…still all good!

No, I wouldn’t want to go back, or go forward, it’s just right as it is! ;-)

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