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Which images should I remove?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) April 18th, 2010

Looking to clean the photo blog at by removing the images that aren’t as strong as the rest. I could benefit if you let me know why you think any given one should not be in the group. Thanks.

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I think that the dog is not as compelling. The playground equipment through the trees is too busy. Waste trend is not one of my favorites either.

Untitled 2010 isn’t as strong. It is good as far as composition, but doesn’t really “speak” to me.

If you could fix In the Hood so the background is unfocused I think it would be better. The other ones I really like.

You have a great photographic eye, I think.

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I like a good few of them. :) You’ve a real talent in the making. Untitled is a bit off with the angle of the camera. Rite of passage, very interesting. Best advice I can give is mess around with textures, angles, and contrasts.

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The last five should go.

I find them weak, lacking imagination or vision.

There might a a “interesting” factor. But that holds very little weight.

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The host of your web site responds very slowly. Either you have chosen to host it on your own PC or your images are far too large (high resolution) to allow for adequate speed.

You might try using a lower resolution thumbnail which when clicked, opens a higher resolution image.

Did others find the site too slow to be able to look through the pictures and evaluate them?

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