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Did you ever expect you could love as much as you do?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) April 19th, 2010

I have always been pretty mean in past relationships. Always starting fights, never putting them before me, never really loving them.

But now, I am sooo in love. I never thought I could be. My mum even never thought I could be. I even shock myself sometimes. I do things I never imagined doing, and 5 years ago if someone told me this would be what I’m like, I would of laughed.

Do you love differently to what you thought you could?

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Definitely not. I never understood the concept of love until my current relationship. I never imagined that I could share such a deep connection with any other person, or that I would be capable of feeling such emotions. I was always a coldly rational person when I was younger, but now that I am in such a position I am completely different, and all the better for it.

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Yes and no.
Yes, I knew I had a tremendous capacity to love with all my heart.
No, I didn’t believe I would be lucky enough to find someone whom I could love with all of my heart, much less have the chance to have two children whom I would also love equally as much.
Now, I wonder if I could one day get the chance to love grandchildren with all of my heart.

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@FireMadeFlesh What a lovely answer, thank you.

@Pandora Nice answer, thank you.

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Yes I love just as deeply and passionately as I thought I would.
I love my children in just the same way – oh and I also love my dogs LOL
And because I show that love, it is returned to me in immeasurable ways. I feel very fortunate.

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I’ve always been the romantic type…. & always hoped that the type of love described by the likes of Shakespeare was attainable. However, in reality I thought this was just an ideal, a description of perfect love that would be impossible in real life…. Happily I’ve been proven wrong.

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How cute. Have you had developments over the weekend?

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@Dibley I doubt anyone but me & her would see it that way, but yes :)

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@JeffVader Well you know I would! Do you want to pm me?

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No.I’ve always known what I am capable of when it comes to that.Some of my loved ones know too.;)

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Currently I am experiencing feelings that, for many years, I thought I would never feel again.

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@thriftymaid I hope those feelings last for you.

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@Dibley Not a problem. One of the most surprising things I found is that I want to tell people, because somehow it is hard to believe that everyone else can feel the same feelings as me when its not her they are in love with.

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@FireMadeFlesh Even cuter! I know how you feel. I want to tell everyone too. Love is such a great thing.

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Prior to experiencing it I never understood how wonderfully all consuming and blissfully overwhelming it could be. I always knew the extent, to which I was capable of acting, but never dreamed of the depth to which the feeling and emotion could grow. Nor did I understand the profound effect it, in particular “my” love, could have on others.

From a slightly different view, it still surprises me to this day, the benignant acts of others I receive for no other reason than that they love me.

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Falling in love and feeling loved is one of the most intoxicating feelings there is. Enjoy!

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Yes it definitely is.

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If he love me as much as he could then there’s no doubt that I’ll do the same thing.

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never. i thought my last long relationship was love to its fullest (or love to its fullest for me at the time). but now this current relationship came along and i realized that my feelings for my ex that i thought were so strong were about .0001% of the feelings i feel now. its like…unexplainable and so wonderful.

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“Did you ever expect you could love as much as you do?”

Yes. Sometimes I just hate it.

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I never really thought about the depth of love, maybe because I loved my parents so much, I thought I could not live without them. That was my first experience with all consuming love, so I didn’t really think about a love less than that. But, what I didn’t know, was the many different kinds of all consuming love. Like, parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, friends, and even my little dogs. They are all equally as strong, but very different with each. So when someone says, you love them more than me, that is not true. I love them as much, but different kind of love.

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No, falling in love made me realise just how weak I am.

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@partyparty Likewise my friend. GA:)

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I don’t love that much, but yea it’s still a bit surprising.

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Off and on. When I lost my first husband, I was devastated and I knew I would never fall in love again, but I did. When I lost my second husband, I went into zombie mode, all over again, and was determined to make it on my own this time. Then I met my current husband, and now we are in our 36th year of marriage.

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Been there.

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Yes and more. I’ve always been disappointed I’m not as emotionally evolved as I’d like to be in order to handle insecurity, pride and making forgiveness a reality instead of a novel PC concept.

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Yes, but not until its too late!

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