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What ever happened to the origami airplane the Japanese astronaut released from the space shuttle?

Asked by LuckyGuy (36348points) April 19th, 2010

That sounded like a cool experiment but I have not heard anything about it.
Did it land? Did it burn up? Did they lose it?
What do you think happened?

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If that astronaut was me, and i had thrown that paper airplane, it would probably got stuck in the antennae of the spacecraft.
I assume though, that if it wasn’t hit by space debris before, it would be burned when entering the atmosphere.

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I say it would NOT have burned up in re-entry, because it would not have generated enough speed and friction to build up enough heat. It would land like normal, albeit after a LONG glide down. That’s my “expert” opinion.

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But i heard that he threw it with much force.
I didn’t take that in account, the speed.
I guess you are an expert!

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Apparantly it got zapped by cosmic rays & is, as we speak, defending the Earth from the menacing Qagnon hoard!

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I heard arguments for it surviving and being burned up. It was released at the speed of the Shuttle, 17,000 mph, so any extra boost the astronaut could throw is peanuts.

I though ti was such a cool experiment. Are the results secret? Did it knock down a communication satellite? Knock a hole in a solar panel on the satellite for the playboy channel?

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@stratman37 That would be an AWESOME keepsake! I can imagine it hitting the back of my Moms head, an my Mom yelling “WHO THREW THAT!??”. It would probably end up being thrown away :(

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actually stratman is only partly right it wouldnt burn up but it wouldnt glide back down either, it would freeze in the upper stratosphere and drop like a rock.

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