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What is the most creative/unique ways to ask a girl to prom?!

Asked by joenewtz43 (13points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

What is a great or unique way to ask someone to prom? Most girls dont like the simple write on a piece of paper with two people “prom?” I’m not that creative and my girlfriend wants me to do something creative. Yes, i have the girl already I just need a creative way to ask! Please help!

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Ask your question in Olde English Prose at half-time in front of everyone. Wearing tights.

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Ya that answers no help at all!!

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So, you can do the non-original thing and make a big stink by painting a large poster and haning it from the front of your school. Or if your good with computers you could try and change all the background to something sweet and ask her to it.

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Give her a soft kiss on the cheek and ask her… (soft is key)

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Get one of those planes to drag a huge sign behind it with your message (costly$$$).


Ask her in front of everyone you know but make sure you’re wearing a full penguin suit.

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Ok, this may sound lame, but the most creative prom invites I’ve seen were on the show Laguna Beach/Newport Harbor. Here were some examples:

- Guy arranged for the local movie theater to spell out on the marquee if the girl would go to prom with him and then led the girl to the movie theater and showed her the sign

- Guy wrote a note on girl’s door to meet him at the beach. Girl went to beach, found a huge box with a bow on top. Girl opened the box and found guy inside who then asked her to prom.

- Guy got a fake tattoo that spelled out the prom question. Told girl to meet him at the tattoo parlor to show her new tattoo.

- The ol’ scavenger hunt: place notes with clues leading to the next point, where she finds more clues, ultimately leading up to a spectacular spot with a huge sign and balloons.

- This one was funny when it was the girls’ turn to ask the guys, Sadie Hawkins style. Girl ordered pizza, when it was delivered, guy opened box and found the question written on a piece of paper.

Cheesy, yes, but you could tell they really put a lot of thought into asking the girls!

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You could sign up you both up for ballroom/swing/salsa lessons – but keep it a surprise until the first dance class. Then you could say that you were hoping to perfect some smooth moves before the prom, which she will hopefully attend with you.
Alternately, you could find a song that you love and set up a nice candlelit scene and tell her that you’re hoping to dance to it with her again at the prom.
Or (now I’m getting all enthused) – you could sit down with her to watch one of the 80s teen movie classics that contain a climatic prom scene (Pretty in Pink, for example), and then splice in a little clip of you asking her to the prom – you’d be even cooler if you were dressed in the period-appropriate costume.
However you get there with your lady friend, have a great time at the Prom!
PS – I hope she doesn’t know that you Fluther, or she might be annoyed that you’re asking for help with ideas! :)

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Good call on Laguna Beach. That was going to be my answer, but not nearly as detailed.

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Mow “PROM?” in her lawn. Then, you throw a rock or some other object to shatter her 2nd floor bedroom window. While on her lawn, look up at her with a giant grin on your face and 2 thumbs up.

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great ideas guys, I’ll deff put some thought in it now that I have some ideas! I appreciate it. PS- she doesn’t kno I fluther! Shhh hahaha

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spell out “prom?” with lights/candles in her lawn or driveway. I don’t know, I’ve seen it somewhere just can’t think of where.

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write it on ur **** and when she takes it out it will be there haha

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If you know her favorite radio station, call in a song request. Make sure the DJ dedicates the song to your girl and then relays your question over the airwaves. Here’s an example: “This one goes out to Stephanie from Zach. He wants to know, Will you be his prom date?” After you’ve put in your request, call her and tell her to listen up.

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