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What are some psychological equations in existence today?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3041points) April 19th, 2010

I know of Weber-Fechner law and Rescorla-Wagner’s model, but I was sure that there was a third and was told that there were only like 3 in existence.

So does anyone know this third one (that I probably have just forgot at the moment) or any other in existence.

By equations I mean for example Weber-Fechner’s law of the “just noticeable difference”:

dp = k(dS/S)

where dp = difference in perception, k = constant, dS = change in stimulus intensity, S = stimulus at the present.

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There are hundreds and hundreds of similar equations in the area of perception alone, and that is one small area of the field of psychology.

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Psycho + reality = delusion

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The third one is the one witch you creates

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