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What are the best online reverse phone number, licence plate, name, adress search sites?

Asked by grntwlkr (179points) April 19th, 2010

I am looking for a site that preferably has all of these type of searches in one. A paid site is fine as long as it is subscription based and not per search.


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Many websites claim to have “free” reverse license plate searches and it is all a huge lie. These sites let you type in the plate number and perform a search but then they bait you by saying they have results (just like people-search does) but you have to PAY if you want to see any of the info… Prices anywhere from $20.00 all the way up to $300, only to find out that its not the info that you were hoping for.

There’s a handful of reverse phone and address search sites but you would be hardpressed to find license plate look-up as this is protected by law, unless you have a legal reason to do so, in which case you will need to make a request to the appropriate government agency or department of motor vehicles for that information.

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I am unaware of any “One size fits all” site. In my work I need to access many of these things on occasion, but use several subscription (industry only) sites, all having quite high subscription fees.

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