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What kind of poison would this be?

Asked by snowberry (23277points) April 19th, 2010

We have some new friends from Argentina. They were telling me that the old house they used to live in was next to a tannery (where they process animal hides into leather). Of course, besides being stinky, this industry produces hordes of flies, so the company would spray some sort of insecticide into the air, and the flies would drop right out of the air. My friends are wondering what this insecticide would be. Of course, they are also concerned about long term health issues that exposure to this chemical might bring. Does anyone have any ideas about what chemical this might be?

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If its anything like the commercial Raid Flying Insect Killer, then you can get info here:
Formula 6
Formula 12
Deep Reach Fogger

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That’s certainly the most toxic one.

How long ago was this ? It’s banned nowadays but not so years ago.

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Edited answer: It’s interesting. When I clicked on the MSDS sheet, it said it was not carcinogenic, or rather that it’s questionably carcinogenic. When I did a search for how toxic the ingredients are, it says it is. I guess the fact that it only creates cancer tumors in rats and mice means is the reason that it’s only “questionably carcinogenic”. Now THAT’s misleading.

@Buttonstc This was in the last two or three years. Don’t think it was DDT, but you never know.

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Since we don’t really know(haven’t do field research) about this particular chemical they’ve been using then I will just suggest some possible toxic chemical they might use:
Pyrethirin,DDVP,DEET,or others. (These kind of chemicals is of course toxic chemical,but are less toxic and are allowed to be used in some of human’s product).

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