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Any ideas, modifies, changes, for this spa party?

Asked by marissaco (18points) April 19th, 2010

Im kinda planning this party for my younger sister (she’s turning 11). And this is what we are thinking about doing:

Any ideas to add to the party? Any modifies? Oh and by the way if you choose to tell me how i can add to the party the budget is $50. Oh and I would love some cool ideas for invites!

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Get a photographer to come and do “Fashion Glamor Girl Photos” while they’re all made up. The girls love the attention of a glamor shoot, and you can probably get a photographer to come out for free just to sell packages to the parents later.

Contact a reputable studio first. If they can’t do, then ask if an assistant would help out. Craigslist has tons of photogs looking for opportunities to make an honest buck. They will sell photos to the parents no doubt.

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are you going to the spa, or you are trying to do the “spa treatment” at home/on a budget?

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At home? I looked at the Spa’s website and can’t imagine you could get much of a party for that budget.

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I heard on NPR the other day that the big rage for kids parties was to Hire an Evil Clown

It may seem against the popular grain, but apparently the kids absolutely love the shock of being frightened to death. The scary clown on NPR said he’s making a killing!

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