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Is a lack of communication equivalent to silence?

Asked by Storms (811points) April 19th, 2010

Rather, does using a form of communication that you know is inadequate to achieve your stated goals cancel itself out.

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lack of communication does communicte when there is a personal episode between partners. it’s understood that something must be wrong. lack of communcation with several folks though needs clarity from the person who is upset before it turns into cancerous tumor.

in both cases, too long of a silent treatment only makes it worse for all parties involved. start a dialogue asap.

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How can you achieve your goals without communication? Please clarify what type of goals you are referring to.

Silence is not the same. I have seen many couples make a lot of noise yet never actually hear one another.

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Good question! Your details left me scratching my head, though. What do you mean?

You can still communicate plenty even if you are silent. Gesture, touch, and facial expression can convey a lot more than talk. Like when someone crosses their arms and says they’re fine, but they really sound upset- the tone and the gesture say more than the words. Patting someone on the arm can show affection and support.

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Silence and non verbal communication. Communication is anywhere from 65 to 97 % non verbal. One can communicate and remain silent.

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It just how people think about other lack of communication people. It’s not equivalent at all. There are many reasons why someone defines silence toward lack of communication people.

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I never did say that communication = just words

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My husband and I can, and have communicated across a room, without uttering a word. I also had silent communication with my children. And I am not talking about signing. Body language tells almost more than the verbal words.
If you are referring to uncomfortable silence when you are in the presents of someone, that is difficult.
If you are referring to the use of silence to punish someone, I believe it never accomplishes anything. It is childish.

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I’m not sure then, that I understand what it is you are asking.

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Then I might as well have not said anything.

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@Storms There are different types of silence for different reasons.
What type are you referring to? Please help us here. We really want to answer your Q

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@Rangie You’re all answering the question backwards. You’re all answering “is silence equivalent to a lack of communication”... I’m asking if you would agree that the ways in which people attempt to communicate that fall short are effectively the same thing as silence.

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@Storms not at all the same thing. Some people have a more difficult time expressing themselves verbally. But the fact that they are attempting to communicate cannot be the same as someone that is just silent.

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Failure to communicate successfully is not the same as not trying to communicate.

Since there are many different ways to get your message across, if words have failed you, you can try again and combine other modes of communication to get your meaning across.

Don’t give up. Just keep trying other ways to convey your intended message.

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