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A coffee lover's question - or rather, the debunking of a java myth. Proceed with caution.

Asked by Zen_Again (9916points) April 19th, 2010

So you like your coffee, eh?! DP grinds his own, and so and so grows his own in his back yard. It has to be this and that, rich and bold, tart and sweet, black and creamy.

One of the strongest effects on the coffee experience has got to be the cup, right? At home, you have your favourite mug or espresso glass.

So what’s the deal with the fourbucks et al takeaway paper cup? Frankly, as great as the coffee may be, as soon as my lips taste the paper/plastic – there goes my java thrill.

Is it just me?

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Thankfully,no.I am a potter and throw stoneware mugs to sell to people who feel exactly as you do.there are alot of you out there :))

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Don’t judge a coffee by its container, I always say. Always.

I always say this.

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Not just you. Coffee in a mug is far superior to coffee in a paper cup, plastic cup or thermos. It is not just about the papery taste, I cannot tolerate beer from a plastic or paper cup, or orange juice form a mug. Each beverage has it’s own receptacle; it is part of the ritual and, at least for me, affects the whole drinking experience.

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I can only drink coffee at work or at home. I have similar mugs at both places. I can’t handle the plastic top on go mugs; it creeps me out.

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If I can still taste the good flavor of the coffee then I won’t care from what materials they use as its container. As long as it’s clean and safe.

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@jeanmay Very well put: every beverage has its receptacle. Why is that? Why doesn’t even orange juice taste the same from a mug?

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I stopped buying restaurant coffee when they started cooking it by Automatic drip.

It isn’t real coffee unless it is brewed in an enamel pot. Percolator coffee is tolerable. Automatic drip is the worst thing to happen to coffee since instant.

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I love coffee, and I’ve never noticed the papery taste of to-go cups. I tend to notice things like the freshness of the beans or whether a shot has been pulled for the right amount of time. I do notice that wine tastes better from a wine glass, and it’s annoying to drink wine out of a thicker cup. Why is that?

Anyway, at my work we have an espresso bar. I wish we could have mugs because it’s a lot more eco-friendly. Customers are definitely welcome to bring their own mug or thermos from home for us to fill with coffee. It would be great if more people could do that, the same way reusable bags are catching on.

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@Zen_Again I wish I knew! It would make life simpler, and I wouldn’t feel like such a snob!

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Someone should invent a mug/glass/receptacle that changes magically to suit the beverage and then washes itself without using water.

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@Haleth I think the shape and density of a wine glass can greatly alter the taste of the wine – something to do with the vapours and how they are released. But orange juice in a mug is a mystery.

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I have gotten so used to drinking out of the paper cups, that i don’t even enjoy it from a mug. It keeps the coffee warmer for a longer period of time. I have a mug at work, but i don’t really use it because i don’t want to clean it after. Then when i’m at home and drink from a cup, I never finish my coffee. I actually buy paper cups to enjoy my coffee from home with me, instead of heading somewhere early to buy.

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@nimarka1 Isn’t that a bit of a waste of paper?

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@jeanmay The stuff grows on trees.

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Sorry. I have a caffine allergy, so no coffee for me.

But I understand the theory. I cannot drink milk or water from plastic.

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My need for bigger mugs has increased with my coffee obsessions. lol
A regular coffee cup feels so inadequate, and the original much smaller rounded coffee cups are absolutley too small! lol

My fav. mug is a huge exotic thing and I hate to part with it when it goes in the dishwasher and I have to downgrade to another large, but less rewarding mug. hahaha

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I can drink coffee out of pretty much anything. I can also drink swill, burned, gas station coffee and be perfectly fine with it. I can appreciate a good cup of coffee but I do not have to have good coffee. The mug or cup makes no difference whatsoever.

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I will not eat food on plastic plate, so why would i want to drink my colombian coffee out of a plastic cup?

Plastics have their place in the world, but being associated with food is not one of them.

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Strangely enough I don’t really mind drinking my coffee from a paper cup or on the go mug with a plastic top. I will however, only drink milk out of a glass or plastic cup.

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@SuperMouse Hence you are a super-rodent. ;-)

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90% of the coffee I drink is from a stainless steel travel cup, which happens to have a plastic lid

On those rare occasions when I do get to have coffee at home, it’s from my favorite mug.
I bought it from a potter at an art festival in ME 18 years ago, and it has somehow survived many moves.

Overall, I prefer to drink liquids from stainless steel whenever possible.

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I prefer to drink from a porcelain cup or stoneware mug. I’m somewhat particular about coffee myself and only like it when it has just been brewed. I don’t grow it in the backyard though.

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ever drank hot coffee from a waxed paper cup by mistake? my teeth felt like crayons!

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Here by popular demand.

I don’t have a huge opposition to any container for coffee. I’m quite partial to my Pantone Mug, though. :D

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@Zen_Again my dad brewed coffee that I just about had to chew, so I learned that any coffee is drinkable (edible) coffee!

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Nibble nibble. It’s all becoming clearer.

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@toomuchcoffee911 Are they 125 bucks apiece?

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@Zen_Again That’s for a set of ten.

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@toomuchcoffee911 Right. It’s always so small the writing – anyway… 12.5 bucks a piece!!!

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Although my preference is slim, my tolerance is wide. My favorite mug is a ceramic mug with an “Ice Age 2” graphic that says “COOL DAD”. My daughter bought it for me six years ago when she was 6.

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