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Slammed finger in car door?

Asked by music_03 (70points) April 19th, 2010

On Friday I slammed my nail in a car door, which turned my nail complety blue. It was a constent pain so on Saturday I went to the doctor who poked a few holes in my nail to remove some of the blood. Yesturday night the pain was almost gone, but today there is a bump underneath my nail. My nail has stopped hurting but the bump is throbbing pain, does anyone know why this bump formed, what it is, and what I can do to relieve some of the pain?

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Im no doctor, but the bump is probably just a result of the pressure from you slaming it in the door. Ovcorse the best anser would be to see your doctor, you could also try iceing it or slabing some neosporin on it. I did that once too when I was like 8.

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Is the bump red/blue like blood, or yellowish/white? On possibility is a reaccumulation of blood, but another likely possibility is a small infection/abscess from the hole poking. I’m a doctor, and I did something similar to myself a month ago (got my big toe stepped on in a soccer game). After draining the blood, a few days later is started to hurt again, and eventually I realized there was an infection under there.

I suggest you soak your finger in warm water, and see if you can express more blood/fluid from the holes that are there now. It may take a few days of soaking-pushing, but that should help. You could also take some ibuprofen for the pain as well. If it continues, or the swelling gets worse, or the finger turns red/warm, go back to the doctor as the nail might need to be removed.

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Ouch! I totally empathize with you. I did that about a year ago. No fun at all. If you’re worried about it call up your doctor and see what he says to do or go see him again.

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@shilolo the bump is blue and now not only is the nail blue but the skin surrounding the nail is now blue, when I went to the doctor she said the nail was blue from blood do you know if thats why my skin has also turned blue?

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Your finger is blue because of blood that has extravasated (seeped) into the tissue around the nail bed. Essentially, there is a small blood clot under your nail, and bruising around it. It will all go away, slowly, and will likely change colors dramatically as it does.

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