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How to use kenmore washer?

Asked by sEventoRii (84points) April 19th, 2010

i just moved and my landlord has a kenmore elite washer.

my land lord told me to use the auto soak and pre wash to wash cloth. is that enough to clean clothes? cuz the pre wash sounds like a step before really wash the clothes. it also has a ultra clean mode after pre wash, do i need to use that?..

i tried to find a manual online but ends in no avail..

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Apparently, your landlord told you this for a reason. i would not attempt to alter your landlords instructions, since it might make you liable for any damages that might occur. i would not make a move to wash anything, until you conversed again with your landlord and asked for a clarification. in other words, let it rest until your landlord gives you more information. also, tell the landlord you made an attempt to locate this washer on the web, without success. better to be safe than sorry.

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@sEventoRii, @john65pennington gave good advice. I rebuild my machines and the parts I sometimes use don’t match the markings on the control panel.
If you find that this is not a concern, Kenmore is a SEARS product and if they can’t supply an owners manual, they can show you on other in-store machines, how to use the controls.

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It’s possible that the other stages don’t work, which is why he recommends using it that way. As for how clean it gets your clothes, that depends partly on the water temperature and which cycle has the longer agitation. You might have to experiment (or ask your landlord) which is better to use for the wash cycle (I’d assume the pre-wash is better for the wash cycle). Perhaps you can use just one twice. You might also note which cycle spins the clothes the driest.

Most machines use cold water in both pre-wash and soak cycle. If you must use these as wash cycles, you might need to change the water temperatures by hand to get the best cleaning job.

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You’ll need the washer’s model number which, depending on model, might be in the back where it’s hard to see. Once you have that, go to this site and search for that number to get the manual.

(My assumptions: that it’s a “residential”, not “commercial”, washing machine and that it’s a standalone unit, not washer/dryer combo stack a.k.a. “laundry center”.)

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Sears has especialy good online service. You may be required to pay for a manual but most of them are available from their parts service. I have the link on my other computer so I can’t put in this message. Try a Google search for the model number of the washer.

I would guess that your super’s advice was for the most economical operation, not necessarily the cleanest clothes.

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