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How do I approach this girl?

Asked by MrLemonLime (18points) April 20th, 2010 from iPhone

There is this girl that I can’t stop thinking about. Of course she is very pretty, but I also like her for who she is. The thing is I asked her out( my friend is her cousin he tried to hook me up) but she said no and that I was sweet. What do I do?

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Maybe she’s not ready for a relationship, or just isn’t really interested in anything right now. Let her know how you feel about her and leave it at that. If she wants to pursue anything with you in the future, she will.

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If she already said “no” there’s not much you can do about it I’m afraid. Just move on.
The good news is, there’s more fish in the sea… :)

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Wait a while and ask her again—yourself this time.

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Get the cousin to get a girl (or boy if female) and make it a foursome roller skating, bowling, or putt putt golf or something so she won’t feel it is a move all about you and her but just hanging out.

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Just be her friend for now. Perhaps when she gets to know you better she will change her mind about a relationship.

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Make her jealous

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Just to talk to her and try to be as good to her as possible:)

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Being called “sweet” or things like “I just want to be friends” is your marching papers. I don’t think re-approaching her a not-so-sweet dude will work as it just won’t be genuine. Find yourself a gal that is ready for a sweet guy to sweep her off her feet.

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Honestly, being called a sweet guy, is like a daggar in the back to the guys.

She likes you as a friend, only. look elsewhere.

I will say this….........persistence does have its rewards. think about that.

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Well, you could stalk her. You could just out and out rape her. You could tell her that she has no idea what she’s missing, kidnap her and chain her up in your cellar.

Or you could remain in the land of rationality with most of the rest of us and just chalk that up to “different strokes for different folks” and let her go without scaring her or making an ass of yourself.

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Get use to it.

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Worst case scenario is she’s not interested because she’s currently distracted elsewhere or looked at you and thought to herself, “no way, not in a million years, meh.” Whatever. The best scenario from here is that you have gotten her attention and she might start keeping an eye on you just because she knows she has an “admirer”. This is your proving ground. Whatever you do for say, the next two months, do it as if she sees all and maybe some of this will develop you as a character in her mind. After two months, ask her out but do it in person and see if you’ve gained any advantage over first impressions or hearsay.

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Wait and see what happened. Try to be her friend… But don’t ask your friend to ask her. Girls want the guys to ask them… for know just be friends. Then see what happens…. Then you will find out on your own. Be brave if you feel something when you talk to her and you think she does to. Ask her and tell what you feel for her.

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I’m sorry dude, but she already said no. If you continue to insist much once a girl says no, all you do is become a creeper.


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thanks for all your help. I just found out that when I asked her out her father was calling her very degrading names. Of course… My luck… I got into SO much trouble at school. So idk if she thinks I’m a bad person.. I see her everynow and then at my friends house.. I act the way I always act , calm and funny. Ttly

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oh will some girls like when boys are bad. But not all….. U in high school right?

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yeah.. I got thrown out for fighting, then the teacher called me stupid in front of the class… So I got kicked out of class for swearing and arguing. I don’t ever swear in front of her at places other than school. Since I’ve gotten in so much trouble at school my grades suffered so I’m homeschooled. But her other cousin is to. Whenever she sees me she gives me this weird smile( not the fake one to be nice) and I smileback tho. Haha .

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oh So you still trying to go with her or no more?

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Yeaah. I think about her everyday.

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Awww what grade is she in and what grade you in?

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We are both freshman in high school

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I’m a freshmen also :)

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I Really like her. It drives me crazy!

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I also feel like that I’m the only person out of everyone who likes her that just doesn’t want to sleep with her.

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oh thats good.

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I know what “love” feels like . It’s a messed up mindset. When we were little I had mini crush on her . I was a douche. Idk why she even tried talking to me. She might have liked me. This was all in1st grada. The day my cousin asked her out for me. I looked at his phone and she texted him and asked him” why does he think he likes somebody ugly like me” I grabbed that phone and told her how beautiful she was. Ithats when she said I was sweet. So idk explain ing things made me realize stuff for myself. Just keep helpin me

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oH do you text her from your phone?

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Like I mean have you text her.? Or was that the only time

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nah…. I didn’t really wanted her number unless she wants mine. I’m not going to constantly send pointless ftoward messages back and forth.
Cuz that’s what shed send me if she really didn’t want it.

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yeah i understand

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bottom line… She is all that I think about.

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I thought so….. I have all most the same problem also. There is a guy in the 10th grade and I’m a freshman. We use to talk just hey and bye and he hugged me twice. My best friend use to have a class with him and she told me everything he said. 1 time is very funny…. She counted how many times he got up and down his seat. :) Yeah that what she said and how many questions he asked. And so on. I don’t talk to him anymore. I just see him at school. But sometimes i do think about him. All he said that I was nice and pretty…...

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yeah I saw him today…. But he just looks at me thats all

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there is 2 reasons on why she said no: eithier she thought it was lame that you got your friend to ask her out for you, or that she isnt interested. i believe you need to hang out with her alone but in a public place, so that she doesnt feel ackward, and ask her what she thinks about you.

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well what shes basically trying to say is that she wants you as a friend. what you should do is show her that your can be more than that :)

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You made a mistake in getting someone else to do it.Most times theres a better chance they will say yes if you ask them yourslef.So wait a while and the next time try not to make it sound like a date, make it more like a group thing.That will take off some pressure.Tell her something like “me and some peple are going to the moveis, want to come?’ That way if it goes bad it wasnt technacly a date, and you might get a better chance to get to know her that way.

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