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Does grow taller for idiots program work?

Asked by alannahchang (5points) April 20th, 2010

i know you might think that this is a scam, but i have seen comments on youtube and on this yahoo answers that it worked for them. i just want to know the truth
some says that it works for some people but don’t work for others.

BTW i’m not an idiot. I’m just open-minded and i really really REALLY WANT TO GROW TALL!

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Your growth potential is dictated by inheritance, and your capacity to reach that potential is dictated hormonally. The presence, absence and efficacy of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is dependent upon the health of the pituitary and on such variables as adequate nutrition. I don’t know of anything that can change these facts

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Yes, but only for idiots.

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Depending on how old your are, you may still have a growth spurt. My doctor told my son that kids who go through puberty a bit later often end up taller than others. (He also told him, “But with your Mom, I don’t know.) Anyway, the point is that if you are still in your teens, don’t despair as yet. That son is now almost 6 feet tall.

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I think Zen is right on this one.

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Whay be tall? Tall people hit their heads too much!

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I kind of doubt it.

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@Draconess25: Short people can never reach anything.

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@asmonet short people get around quicker!
but i still wanna grow taller too..think imma buy some HGH

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@asmonet Short people have less far to fall, we keep our nose to the ground, and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Plus we don’t have toreach down to get things off the bottom shelf.

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@asmonet I have people do it for me!

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