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What is the difference and new features of the iPad compared to an iTouch/iPhone?

Asked by Steve_A (5125points) April 20th, 2010

Granted I only have the iTouch which I bought some time ago now, never used the iPhone because after they told me I had to sign a 2 year contract for one I went “bump that!” I said.

Anyways the iPad is out and about, but correct if I am wrong here is the iPad just a bigger screen/size version of iTouch/iPhone?

What is the difference?

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With a bigger screen comes wider possibilities for application development.

Compare Things for iPhone:

With Things for iPad:

Even the built-in Mail app on the iPad seems to be a lot more compelling of an email experience than Mail on the iPhone.

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Bigger is better, someone once said. And here it’s definitely true. The iPad’s large screen is so inviting for developers. The Touch & iPhone showed the possibilities for mobile apps. The iPad is what will make them suitable for everyone.

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• Copy/paste is easier and more advanced.
• You can tap-select multiple objects and arrange them, like in Keynote.
• You can use Keynote, Pages and Numbers, which are not available for the iPod Touch.
• You can buy books through iBooks
•The 3G model will connect you almost anyware, with no contract necessary. $15 gets you a month whenever you need it.

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It makes you look like a bigger dork.

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