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How many more things can they make GO GREEN?

Asked by Luna (220points) April 20th, 2010

Everything in stores these days are GOING GREEN. food, bottles, clothes, candy…..pretty soon maybe shoes…if not already…..

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I was in advertising many years ago, before i became a police officer. people and companys that prosper, have good adversting ideas. something that will readily sell and be accepted by the people. today, its the color green.

I am for conserving any and everything for the planet and my future grandchildren. but, the people that need to save the planet the most are not doing so. did you read the article about the plastic island? when someone had dumped all the plastic bottles and they were just floating on top of the water? no green there. i just had a vision of the future about my nearest Goodwill Store. i am seeing a truckload of green bags, green newspapers, green shoes and green clothes being donated for lack of interest by the public. is this the possible?

If all the people all over the world are not participating in a project, the project will not work. in all honesty, i feel that green is just a color and an advertising gimmick for someone, somewhere to make more money and thats some REAL GREEN for them.

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You never know. Everything will go green…. But what can’t be recycled is humans and animal Living cells…. also our shit is recycle everything is recycle. They put it in plants….!!!!! And on grass…

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They do have all natural “green” shoes that are made from organic material.

What’s the problem with that? I think it’s a step in the right direction… even if it isn’t going to solve all of the problems in the world or it is all a money-making marketing scam, perhaps it’s at least keeping people mindful of the responsibilities we owe to our planet.

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Disc2021: i dont think its a problem, i just want to know what else they can come up with….people get really creative…..

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I guess as many as products that say Lite, and Light, and low fat, and fat free, and sugarfree, once a phrase catches on and is marketable, everyone is going to use it.

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Well I think it’s a very good thing for everything that can be recycle. because I also want my grandchildren or my great grandchildren to have a clean Earth… Especialy the water!!!! Because I love to go to the beach also for drinking water and everything

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Luna. you asked a good question and maybe my answer was a little strong. i only stated what i felt and sometimes the truth hurts. what if the color green were the color red, instead? do you think people would have responded to the color red, rather than the color green?

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i mean i really dont think that the color makes a difference in anything, its more along the lines of the purpose it serves i guess

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Do you think Walmart is really in the “green” for the ecology or for their own financial gain with their green bags?

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It’s called greenwashing, and eventually a new fad will take over. I’d say 99.99% of the claims are a load of hooey. Often, it is the ones that don’t say anything that are doing the most.

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Going green is an unqualified term open to much interpretation just like low-fat and “organic” was and is. In my industry we know it to mean made with renewable resources but there is no clear cut definition of renewable and at what percent? So just about anything could be called green.

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A vibrator with a Shrek head could be marketable. Oooh those sticky out ears would hit the spot, I imagine.

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All building materials, cotton and hemp clothing, the factories that make clothing, meats, vegetables, fruits, cans, bottles, all public transportation, shrink wrap, all plastics, all metals, paper, and farts (methane tax) are all ways you can expect to be taxed out the ass in the near future. Since we can’t eliminate metals or plastics, those things will be taxed out the ass, too. All necessary products such as natural gas, electricity, fuels, water, are also going to be taxed out the ass. Children and pets will also be taxed, as governments now consider them a liablility that adds waste to earth. Welcome to the biggest propagandist push ever created in the history of capitalism….global warming.

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@phillis What concerns me the most is manufacturers such as myself are being “forced” to venture down this uncertain road with hardly proven technologies whose long terms effects could bring a whole new meaning to the law of unintended consequences.

I look back laughingly at the early attempts at making cars in the early 1970’s with recycled steel and almost none of those cars are around to serve as a legacy to these early albeit noble attempts at going “green”.

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Do you actually have a problem with the environment or something?

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@Cruiser Exactly. We’re being forced to pay more money towards everything humanly possible based on intentionally skewed data backed by panic-inducing propaganda. Let’s follow the money trail and see who stands to gain, and at whose expense, shall we?

@Blackberry If you’re talking to me, my problem isn’t with the environment at all.

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@phillis Nope, it was too the OP. But I see now that she wasn’t inquiring about going green, just the purpose of it.

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@phillis We all stand to lose by this with not only higher costs but dubious gains of going green and again not to mention overall impact in quality of the finished goods. I have yet to see any one tactic to go green in my industry other than to seriously and I mean SERIOUSLY impact the overall quality, cost and longevity of the product.

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Stop giving grocery bags out for free and charge money for them instead. This will encourage people to reuse the bags they own and cuts down on waste, also lowers cost for the grocer which he might use to lower prices.

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@Cruiser Unless we start living like the Amish, we are going to see increases in taxes in every conceivable product and service known to mankind. Farmers are already losing land that has been in theirs for generations. Do they really need a fart tax on cattle? What’s a steak going to cost – $15 per pound? Fucking ridiculous, totally obscene, utterly pointless. What’s your field?

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The problem is not about the availability of ‘green’ products, it’s do to with over-consumption. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is not just a catchy phrase, it’s a hierarchy. To really make a difference we need to first reduce consumption, then reuse more of what we buy, and finally as a last resort, recycle.

Having more ‘green’ products available just mollifies consumer into thinking they’re contributing to conservation, when the opposite is true.

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