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Do you know any gardening tricks like... (continued inside)

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) April 20th, 2010

I read that you can dig out a chunk of potato flesh and pack a tomato start in the hole, then plant the whole potato w/ tomato in the ground and grow tomatoes and potatoes in the same area.

I’ve also heard that you can graft various citrus plants onto each other and have 4 different citrus fruits off of “one tree”.

What are other neat space saving tricks like these for the garden?

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tomatoes and strawberries do great as hanging baskets. also potatoes can be grown in towers of stacked wooden frames – as the shoots grow up you add another frame and more soil and straw. when it’s time to harvest, no digging is required.

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@unique My dad used to use old tires instead of wooden frames. It’s cheaper, and you just push them over when it’s time to harvest.

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Plant beans with your corn and it can use the corn stalks for support and will fix nitrogen in the soil that the corn needs as well. Great space saver too. You can also use corn as supports for zucchini.

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My husband heard that if you plant hot peppers too close to tomatoes, it will make the tomatoes spicy. We have peppers planted in the same pot as tomatoes now. We are really hoping it works!

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I use heavy five foot tall, six inch mesh concrete reinforcement wire to make a 4–5 foot diameter cage. I sometimes then plant pole beans at each vertical wire 6 inches apart for about 18 bean plants. I sometimes stack another cage or two on top using hog rings. By the end of the summer the beans are easily 10–15 feet tall. Problem is I need a step ladder to pick the beans, and if you don’t pick the beans, the plant will start to die off. This year I am only using one cage 5 feet high, they already are to the top and looking to go higher. I can harvest quite a few green beans using this method with minimal space required. I do the same with tomato plants by tying each sucker to its own vertical wire, thus, each sucker being plant in itself.

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