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How do baking/cooking contests work ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 20th, 2010

I have always wondered about companies that run baking/cooking contests.
They ask people to submit a recipe but how do they pick the finalists out of thousands of entries ? They couldn’t possibly try out all the recipes submitted to pick the top 10 to come in for the final bake/cook off to choose the winner ?
PS: I’m not referring to local contests but nationwide contests.
(Sara Lee,Duncan Hines,Pillsbury,,,,etc ,,etc.

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It depends on the contest, I’m sure, and you can generally find the rules for the contests posted somewhere. From what I know of baking contests, you go and bake your dish. Then it is taste tested by a panel of judges. Based on that, points are awarded (and also based on how it looks, smells, etc.). Depending on the contest, you may be able to make your dish at home or you may be required to make it at the contest.

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Idon’t know but I imagine the bigger ones might be like a pyramid, with regional bake-offs and judging and then the winners going on to a higher level.

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At my house,it is all a race to see who gets salmonella first.We are wacky darevils ;)

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I know someone who is one of the four finalists in the recent Pillsbury contest.

I know that they don’t try every recipe, but they have people with expertise winnowing out recipes that are not original or don’t follow the directions perfectly.

The recipes are judged on
Appeal to the Consumer

Twenty recipes are placed on line, two at a time, for a certain period of time, allowing the public to try the dishes and select one from each pair. Those receiving the most votes are finalists.

Then the judges choose 90 more recipes, and leaving 100 recipes. These contestants have to sign agreements that agree to giving the company rights to the recipes, and certifying that the recipes are original and not taken from a cookbook or from any other person.

There are four chosen, one from each category. These finalists receive prizes and recognition, then the top winner is chosen from those. The winner will be invited to attend the ceremonies, and receive substantial prizes.

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