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Help! I need a spoonful of sugar to help my housework get done more enjoyably, how do you put the fun in chores?

Asked by OneMoreMinute (2584points) April 20th, 2010

I have just completed the vacuuming portion of my household journey and it’s just no fun anymore! My vacuum and I are drifting apart, and we are just going through the motions.

Do you have some funtastic tips for me to get my cleaning done?
What’s your favorite thing to clean?
What do you use to enhance this domestic experience?
Are there cleaning musics?
Mind tricks?

I don’t want to hire people. I want to increase my Enjoy Fluid!

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I just sing and dance while I do housework. Favourite thing to clean, if there is such thing, would be kitchen and bathroom I guess.

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Stick Mary Poppins dvd on & bob’s your uncle.Seriously though put some good music on & go for it.

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I love to clean! Everything! I get such a sense of accomplishment from it. Definitely music, as the above folks have mentioned, or a movie if you’ll be close to a tv. Also, you could reward yourself with something for your house after you’ve reached your goal. Get a new scented candle, new sheets for the bed, or piece of decor. And of course an iced mocha or cookie for you :) If that’s not enough, get a friend or lovey to do it with you, or at least keep you company. They can spice things up sometimes.

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I don’t try to kid myself. I just suck it up and get it done. I play music if I happen to think of it, but I more or less just wander through the house and end up walking a mile or two by the time I’m done. I also talk to myself.

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good music, loud

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I make sure everyone is out of the house and then blast music.

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@ubersiren Rewards! Yes, good one! I’ll get a new ice cream for my frizzer and a new scented floral-springy-yellow candle and box of chocolates for my coffee table!
I used to enjoy cleaning my house, but this year my enthusiasm has been sleeping in. I love it when my home is all clean and organized.

@Trillian Yeah, just today me and my vacuum were in that “just suck it up” duet!

@ucme Mary Poppins eh? Just a spoonful of sugar helps the windex go on?
who’s this Bob’s your Uncle?

@trailsillustrated @ucme @MissAnthrope I already play loud rock, I guess I’ll need to finder harder rock!

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@Sophief My favorite is the kitchen too. The least is floors and windows, and where the dust hides out!

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I crank the music up to 11…and do my chores in the buff.

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@lucillelucillelucille Do you do your windows in da buff too?
you make me laugh!

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@OneMoreMinute Just a quaint old English saying meaning job done,good job.I have no idea where or when it came from. Been around since Noah was a boy probably.Anyway Bob’s your uncle.

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@OneMoreMinute -I do my neighbor’s windows in the buff and will continue to do so until she stops wearing her leopard print “love outfit” in front of her windows!LOL

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Have kids and go play golf while they earn their keep.

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@ucme Well blimy bloke! I got me Uncles all tangled up my knickers! Why didn’t you say so!
Now be a jolly good chap and give me a magical house cleaning funzy tip, or the Queen gets it! kiss kiss!

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@lucillelucillelucille HaHa! If you get tired of the leopard outfit, You could always get her a new pair of hot pink tights (like in the Wall mart High-Fashum Peoples wear.)

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I wish I had a friend that would come over to my house and clean with me, and then I would go to hers, so we could clean together and gab while doing it. The thing I hate most is doing chores alone. Usually I try to talk to a friend on the phone while cleaning (which doesn’t work when vaccuuming) or put on some music.

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@OneMoreMinute – Maybe for her birthday! LOL

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@JLeslie The trouble with having friends over is that the only thing that gets cleaned out is the fridge and the liquor cabinet!

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@OneMoreMinute Well dash it all old bean one was under the distinct impression one had already given ones sage advice on said topic.I say that really is not cricket what what.Incidentally you can cap one in her arse for me while you’re at it grumpy old bugger queenie.

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I like to clean my bathroom after coming home from a night out. It’s 3am and you’re half in the bag… the dirt doesn’t bother you as much that way :)

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it’s all in the music

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@ucme LOL!
Tally ho fiddlestickers bangers an’ mashed, you ol’ cwazy quacker!
I bet queenie knows how to royally clean out a house! quite the ol beans!
dashed I’m sure!
cup of jabberwocky tea?

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@OneMoreMinute Why aye al ave a brew if the’s makin one, nee bother bonnie lass cheers.Closer to the mark if truth be told i’m a northern lad see.

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@kyraugh Well if it’s three am and I’m half in the bag, you bet that my other halfs in the bed!
Maybe I could just dream that my house was all clean!

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@ucme I love a dark ale on the piss, the lights give me a tad muchness picadilly fanny, sorry to say!
Arnt all Englishmen northern lads? Or just from where I see you?

Cheers an a cherios
Fluthers a jelly jammy ho!

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I forgot the key ingredient – having a buzz on while you clean.. I like to smoke a bowl or have a beer, kinda makes the music better and I find either helps with tedious chores and activities.

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@MissAnthrope Sorry to say I am the worlds biggest wuss. The last time I took a puff, I found my Oneness with the couch as if someone had turned up all of the gravity on really high.
I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find the strength to hold onto a can of pledge after a little puff.
Like I said to UCME, beer gives me a tad muchness piccadilly fanny!

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for particularly odious tasks i give myself time trade-offs – x minutes of dishes for y minutes of goofing off. it helps break up overwhelming chores and it helps me stay on task for the time i’ve allotted.

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@ucme Pardon my Kings English. I attended American public schools, it’s not my faulty!

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I put on some pumping tunes and just let my mind wander. There are so few times I actually get to indulge in some uninterrupted deep thought, and cleaning gives me the perfect opportunity. No drugs necessary, I’m miles away in my own little world. Every now and then I’ll stop and have a slurp of coffee and a chocolate biscuit.

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