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Why do people get so irritable after stubbing their toe?

Asked by trychvz (145points) April 20th, 2010

Is there a reason why small pains such as a stubbed toe or a smashed finger tend to incite anger? I stubbed my toe really hard the other day, and for the next several minutes just about everything really pissed me off. I found everything that anyone said to me very irritating, and I couldn’t focus on anything. Does this happen to you? Is there a reason for this?

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It is because you are the only one you can blame for your pain, and since we don’t want to blame outselves, we look to turn our frustration outward with anger.

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Because it hurts.

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@erichw1504 You took the words right out of my mouth!

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Well it’s upsetting to have something we expect, need, take for granted, and don’t even think about (i.e. walking) suddenly result in great pain and possibly injury to an often-forgotten part of the body that does a lot of work and that is crippling to get severely injured. In short, it rocks our world in ways we weren’t expecting, and as marinelife pointed out, we have only ourselves to blame and it generally “seems stupid” or clumsy, so a lot of basic brain reactions and their associations come up.

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Because it hurts like a bitch. And obviously it’s not your fault. So everything around you gets the to feel the anger radiating off of you.

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Yes it does. I think it is because we get frustrated we couldn’t stop such a small part of our body getting hurt painfully so and that if we had just seen that table leg or lump of a cat on the floor we wouldn’t be in pain right now.
Its the whole crying over spilt milk thing. Human nature. But I guess stress level has something to do with it.

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I like to swear at the top of my lungs and a stubbed toe or head bonk affords me that rare opportunity.;)

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It’s the same principle as biting the inside of your cheek. It really freakin’ hurts and there is literally no one else to blame. I get furious too and hate that I did it. You’d think that by this time in my life I’d have learned to avoid causing myself this particular pain. Maybe that’s why we get so angry. We did it to ourselves, we can’t blame it on anybody else, and we should have known better.

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It was preventable. Then, you had to go and get your stupid ass all banged up. It’s throbbing with pain and you can’t move or do anything, so it’s taking time out of your day and hurting like a motherfucker. All you think about is how that coffee table was out of place and had you, or someone seen that it was out of place then the whole thing could be avoided and you would be back to normal function and watching Jersey Shore reruns as planned before “the incident”. But no… some jerk off in your house moved the coffee table while vacuuming or something and didn’t have the fucking decency to put it back. It’s because of their irresponsibility that this happened to you! It’s all their fault! And now they’re coming in the room, not even noticing or caring that they have indirectly injured you, and asking about where the reusable grocery bags are! Well fuck you, buddy! Find them yourself! You and your stupidity just tried to rip my pinky toe off you bastard! Grrrraaaaahhh!

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I hear tell the Queen (of England) has been heard to utter “ouch you rotten fucking little cunt” in the corridors of the palace when she stubbs the royal pinky.

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@rangerr I was going to say “Because it hurts like a bitch”, but I see that you’ve already beat me to it. GMTA.

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haha yes. it is annoying, and it is always your fault that you didn’t see what you stubbed your toe on. so for me personally i’m like “damn it! why wasnt i paying more attention?! now my toe fucking hurts!”

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Because it makes us feel crunchy.

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it hurts. when i stub my toe my first reaction is F#*k its almost involuntary

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@ChazMaz I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt crunchy.

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Because it f***ing hurts!

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I don’t get angry at other people, but an “ow, son of a BITCH!” might be in order. :)

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Actually, it’s because it F&#%&$^cking hurts!!!

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Yes, I have noticed that, but have you ever tried to carry on a conversation with someone who has just cut their finger off? It’s impossible.

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@OneMoreMinute I know. I have that problem all the time. :/

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cuz it hurts like bloody effin hell and makes you want to break everything in the room

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pain + embarrassment – common sense (should have slowed down, or worn shoes) + near miss with a small child/lego/the family pet/priceless __________ = $#%@ !

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Hmm… not much to say about that it hurts like hell(sudden pain reaction), gives me a gahh!... dammit.. feeling and makes me a tick angrier

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