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I need some advice about dieting?

Asked by Utta_J (252points) April 20th, 2010

im about to graduate from high school to make a long story short i need a diet i dont feel comfortable and i cant buy diet foods because i have no money and i want to loose as much weight as i can by the time i graduate in june and i have a project that i have to do to graduate so im occupied with that on the weekends i dont know what to do…
PS im not totally helpless i was in the marching band for four years but im getting bigger and they started marching band again but i can go to practice because whoo hoo SENIOR STATUS<3

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Try just cutting out the junk and drinking more water. You should seem some results by June.

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1. Stop drinking sodas, juices, bottled teas & coffees. If you drink coffee or tea from scratch then don’t add sugar. Make yourself start drinking mugfulls of water all through the day. This will hydrate you, aid your digestion and reduce the feeling of craving versus real empty tummy hunger. You’ll be cranky but it’s worth it to see 10 or more pounds come off after just a month and in places you’ll like too. Bloating from sugar and salt shows in the face, hands, feet. Also, cutting out the sugar ups the cravings for healthier foods.

2. Cut out snack crackers, candy, pastries, basically anything you wouldn’t put on your plate during a meal. Less sugar and salt reduces the cravings for starches too which is cool because they’re mostly filler calories anyway.

3. Make yourself eat a good breakfast and a dinner of greens with some kind of proteins but forgive yourself if you need to buy fast food or satisfy some craving during the day. Try not to eat after 9pm.

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First, I’d pick up this book, then I’d pick up this book.

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Out of no particular order:

1. Dieting is one of two components, generally speaking; the other is exercise. Not a lot is necessary, but a well-designed 60-minute routine daily should be plenty.

2. Eat breakfast. If you don’t you’ll crave more food later in the day that actually increases your daily intake of calories.

3. Look at the nutrition facts on the sides of packaging closely. Carbohydrates are generally better than fat and give 4 calories/gram, v.s. 9 calories/gram of fat. Also, next to calories, there is something called Fat Calories; these are, as the name implies, calories added by fat. Try to keep these below 30% of the big number of calories.

4. Breakfast should be moderately-sized, lunch should be small, and dinner can be further on the hefty side. That doesn’t mean unhealthy, however.

5. Gyms are a good way of finding daily exercise. Many can be rather cheap, for less than $15/month.

6. Have a mindset concentrated on the fact that you are trying to lose weight. Dieting doesn’t work by saying abracadabra. Try it out sometime, but don’t get disappointed when it doesn’t work.

7. Get rid of that secondary crap, such as soda and candy. If you really need something throughout the day, use substitutes such as 100-calorie packs or, if desperately needed, diet soda.

8. Lots of this

That’s all I got off the top of my head.

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Move more, eat less.

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Spark People. It is free.

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@Dog * Gasps at awesomeness *

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1500 calories per day.Exercise at least an hour everyday.Walk,run,jump rope,anything to get your heart rate up.Lifting weights is a good thing too.Lighter weights,lots of reps.If you don’t own dumbells,you can use things around the house to lift.Go to the library and check out a book on exercise and diet.

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The BEST advice is eat foods in moderation and PORTION CONTROL. Portion control is eating a handful of almonds (not the whole tin), eating two scoops of ice cream (not the whole tube), eating pasta that is about the size of a tennis ball (not a half pound), and eating a cookie (not a whole sleeve)!

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salads, no fries….....
veggies, fruit

i <3 marching band

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I did lose 10 kilograms in 2 months last time. So remember my advises below:
1. YOUR CONDITION NOW, IS A PRODUCT OF YESTERDAY. Why today you gain extra weight? because of what you eat yesterday. So keep in mind these words and remind yourself before taking in any food unnecessarily or any so-called ‘junk food’. I believe you know which food you should eat and which food shouldn’t (everyone know right?), and also how big is the portion, the less the better (honestly hehehe).
2. IF YOU WANT TO REDUCE STRESS, DON’T FIND MS. FOOD OR MR. DRINK. They are harmful friend. When you are in a stress, do other thing to spend your time without accompanied by them.
3. FIND A BOYFRIEND if possible. So that you will want yourself to be pretty all the time, thus encouraging yourself to be slimmer.
4. EXERCISE WILL HELP YOU GET RID OF THE FAT FASTER. Make a schedule of doing exercise at least twice a week. BUT never eat after doing exercise! This is the golden key. So i advise you to exercise at night time.
5. CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Wear clothing that easily show your fat. You will hate to see the fat showing off, so you will be more aware of your body. When you are walking, try to push in your fat from your stomach, this will help a bit. If you feel any extra pounds on your body, quickly get rid of it by doing some simple exercise before sleep. Measure your weight regularly, don’t be afraid to monitor your progress.
Do this and see what is your result. But today still fat? Remember your tomorrow’s slim body is a result of what ‘today’ you do. So, expect a better result tomorrow for today’s effort.

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Eating in moderation, eating breakfast, portion control, not “grazing” mindlessly at night, and exercising regularly are all important. Remember that distilled spirits (whiskey, brandy, rum, tequila, gin, etc.) contain no carbohydrates, no fats of any kind, no cholesterol, and fewer calories than almost any other beverage – alcoholic or non-alcoholic. They don’t appear to contribute to weight gain but may contribute to slight weight loss among women.

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