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Did Nadya Suleman get paid to go on Oprah? If so, do we know how much?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) April 20th, 2010

Do everyday people get paid to be on talk shows like Oprah? What determines how much they earn for an appearance?

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People who appear on Dr. Phil don’t get paid…some guests get free “resources” and the audience sometimes gets new books…. but people on Oprah get gifts under their chairs…. one time the whole audience got new cars… but I don’t think she pays normal people anything either

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@talljasperman I think the OP was referring to some kind of Talent/Appearance/Engagement Fee . . .

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@njnyjobs why would Oprah pay an everyday person anything? anyway the question was shows like Oprah not just Oprah and Dr. Phil is like Oprah and he doesn’t pay squat and he tells everyone that.

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Let Oprah pay for Octomom’s kids because I dont want to have to pay for her kids.
I don’t know how much she got for it but she did get paid.

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@talljasperman Oprah wouldn’t probably pay any everyday person but Nadya Suleman is not an everyday person… cameras are and have been at her face and she has supposedly has earned over a million $ in appearance fees and sale of pictures. . . or maybe you just didn’t know who the hell Nadya Suleman is….

BTW, pls re-read the headline question. . . . In case you didn’t know, she (Nadya Suleman) was on today’s show.

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that is a good question…i caught that episode today, and i never watch Oprah. I’m sure you’re asking this because Oprah said on the show today that they do not pay their guests. I’ll just assume that they do not get paid then, but idk….after all it is Oprah and she could afford to.

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@njnyjobs I forgot who Nadya Suleman was… now I have to forget all over again… after a good laugh…recently I’ve been missing the episodes I usualy watch the local news when Oprahs on…Sometimes I watch sometimes I don’t I decide by reading the video menu; and the past couple of months were not my cup of tea so I stoped looking.

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why we are encouraging people like her baffles me. anyone?

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All these types of shows pay. The thing is, they only pay the people they want, that won’t appear without being paid.

Most people are happy to appear for free, and are told that “We don’t pay”, and they’re fine with it.

This woman is being paid, obviously. Unless she has a book out, then she’d appear for free.

It’s a good thing she is making money doing all these shows, she needs it.

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@mass_pike4 : i didn’t watch the full episode and didn’t hear Oprah say that! but i did hear Nadya say that she needs money and that is why she’s doing media appearances, so i assumed she was getting paid for her time.

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I don’t think she got paid because she is the one who contacted Oprah. Nadia wrote a letter to Oprah about wanting to clear her name and Oprah decided to put her on. I don’t think Nadia would get paid if she’s the one who wanted to be on the show.

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