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Do the newer versions of Microsoft Word have layers, like Adobe apps?

Asked by halsilverman (2points) April 20th, 2010

I have an old 2004 version of Microsoft Word on my Mac, and can’t get it to do anything I want. Do the newer versions have layers like the Adobe Illustrator or inDesign apps that I use?

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You’re comparing apples to oranges. what do you need layers for?

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Word isnt an imaging program. Why would it need layers?

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Listen to @eponymoushipster and @Captain_Fantasy. Word does not work that way!

Trying to make Word do the job of InDesign or Illustrator or Photoshop will drive you insane.

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Nope, the newest Word does not have layers, and I hope it never does.

But, whoever designed the newest Word was obviously stressing aesthetics instead of functionality because they replaced all of the organized, drop-down windows with all of these bullshit little buttons that are illogical and impossible to locate at times.

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@squidcake the “ribbons” are the most idiotic thing ive ever seen.

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The Ribbon belongs in Hell with Clippy

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