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I need an alcoholic punch recipe.

Asked by InspecterJones (1052points) April 20th, 2010

I’ve looked online and have found hundreds of recipes, but don’t really feel like just picking one at random. A couple seem good but you never know what they’ll end up tasting like. Most of them just seem to pump in overly sweet juices or sodas to cover up the taste of the alcohol, I’m not really after that. Everyone coming enjoys alcohol and would have no issue with a punch with a kick, so bombarding their taste buds with sugar isn’t gonna get anyone anywhere.

I would love some recipes for some truly unique and delicious tasting punches. Preferably something with a citrus kick, my two favorite drinks are mojitos and margaritas when made with real limes and without a ton of sweetness to them (which I do quite well myself :D ). I would like to keep wine out of the equation, not everyone is fond of the taste.

There will be around 10–15 people and they all like their drinks.

Something with a unique color would be especially cool.

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our family has a great punch recipe, and im sureadding alchohol would be just as good… let me get the recipe

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Go with margaritas for the following reasons:
1. Classic party drink that is easy to make.
2. It’s easier to keep track of who has had how many since you have the power over the blender.

You put a punch bowl out there, you have no idea who’s hitting it and how often. With the punch bowl, you’ve lost control of the situation from the start.
All the parties I’ve been to that had a punch bowl eventually produced an embarrassing drunk moment or two. And unless it’s a sleepover, you don’t want to get people that loaded before they hit the road to go home.

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@Captain_Fantasy I live in NYC so driving home isn’t an issue and all the people are personal friends and (aside from one) are quite capable of keeping themselves in check. The punch idea is mostly out of laziness of not wanting to make drinks all night.

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How about a nice Hawaiian punch?

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This will make enough for 15. Be ready to make more. Have stretchers handy.

•6 oz. Gin
•3 oz. Rum, dark
•6 oz. Rum, overproof/151 proof
•6 oz. Rum, white
•6 oz. Vodka
•6 oz. Grenadine
•12 oz. Orange Juice
•12 oz. Pineapple Juice

I will not be held responsable for children created by those drinking this.

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1 gallon orange juice
1 gallon cranberry juice
1 (15-ounce) can pineapple juice
6 limes, halved
6 lemons, halved
6 oranges, halved

I am no expert on alchohol, because I don’t drink any (underage) but Im sure you could put something fruity like champagne or the like. I was watching emeril the other day and he used a liquor called limoncello. LAST BUT NOT LEAST! For the ice in the bowl, we always took a rubber balloon, filled it with water and froze it in the freezer and the removed the balloon afterwards, making a huge ice ball (make sure noone is allergic to latex, which is in small amounts in balloons, and rubber bands, glove,etc.) good luck!

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Orange sherbert
a fifth of vodka (added a little at a time)
7-up or sprite
Hawaiian punch.

Not exactly sure of all of the measurements, my girlfriend makes it, and that is the recipe she gave me. It is pretty tasty. Float some orange slices on the top to dress it up LOL.

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This is soooo refreshing!

Home made fresh squeezed lemon aide (probably 15 to 20 lemons for your group size)
a couple gallons of water I suppose
(Organic) Bag of cane sugar (you’ll need to sweeten to taste)
Sliced orange rounds for garnishes
bunch of fresh mint leaves (slightly crushed/muddled)
bottle of Blue Curaco
bigger bottle of vodka…to taste
muchness of ice cubes!...the more, the merrier!

It’s a beautiful bright blue color with green mint leaves

yum! deeelish!

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Follow this and you can’t go wrong.

1 of sweet
2 of sour
3 of strong
1 of sour
2 of strong
3 of sweet

You can add what you like to a punch. The Greeks used to make punches and this is what they followed to make it right.
I have had punches with Scotch and Gin mixed in to them and you would have never known it. Make and build your own punch. It is SUPER easy.

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Start with your favorite liquor, dump it in a punch bowl with a can of frozen limeade or lemonade concentrate. Have everyone else bring their favorite and dump them in as they come. Just make sure there is no Baileys or similar…that will curdle with the limeade.

Not sure how good it will taste, but it will be unique. We do this for holloween.

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I used to make something called “Hop Skip & Go Naked” when I was having a party. It’s SO easy to make, tastes like a unique lemonade (for lack of a better way to describe it), and gets the crowd going good! I think it’d be good for 10 people…

Just pour and mix together:

One handle (1.75 litre) of vodka (any kind)

10 cans of beer (no lie, it taste BETTER if you use Natural Light rather than a more expensive one, I dont know why!

Two 2 Liters of 7-Up

Two cans of the frozen MinuteMaid lemonade.

This drink is satisfaction guaranteed.

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This one takes a tiny bit of work, but it’s totally worth it.

1 quart red grape juice
4 tablespoons of sugar
~Heat them together until sugar dissolves
~Add a handful of mint leaves (ideally 40, doesn’t really matter if you have less) and steep overnight, or as long as you can swing it.
~strain, discarding mint
1 quart red wine (I like Burgundy for this recipe)
1 quart of strong tea, cooled
juice of 3 lemons

Chill for a couple of hours before serving.

For an added bonus, sprinkle some edible flowers on top (roses, orange blossoms, marigolds, nasturtiums, etc.)

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A variant on @judochop ‘s recipe is quite good:

1 of sour
2 of sweet
3 of strong and
4 of weak.

The numbers are parts by volume. For the sweet, a simple syrup is best and for the sour, limes are to be preferred if you can get them. The strong is always rum (I have a personal preference for Angostura Old Oak) and the weak, of course, is plain water.

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What is the matter? Regular punch isn’t good enough? My word…........

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I don’t know any alcoholics, but as soon as I find one, I’ll get a punch recipe for you…:)

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Right fist to stomach. :):):)

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don’t have a recipe but i effen loveee jungle juice!!!

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You can make your own Sangria with fruits and red wine.

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Sangria sounds good
What do you use in your recipe?

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YUCKAFLUX – cut up a huge bowl of different fruits, add a bottle of vodka, let sit overnight in the fridge. Wash out a new garbage can or some kind of large container, add booze-soaked fruit and some 7-up and fruit juices (whichever ones you like in the quantities you’ll need according to how many people are coming over). Each guest coming brings their own fave bottle and adds it to your boozey-fruit mixture. By the time all the guests get there you have a boozey concoction like you’ve never seen! The fruit, after soaking overnight in the vodka, has a real kick as well! Somehow it always turns out good, but be sure to arrange to have a designated driver as it will hit everyone very hard… but that’s part of the fun! lol

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1 of sour
2 of sweet
3 of strong
4 of weak

Long live Alton Brown!! :)

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