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Does anyone know how to properly cut a mango?

Asked by Ponderer983 (6406points) April 20th, 2010

I can not seem to cut a mango and a get a decent amount of fruit off of it to make it worth it. I love mangoes, but eat them as often as I would like because of this. The pit is difficult to maneuver, so I was wondering if there is a way to cut it that might be better than what i am currently doing.

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I bought a mango today, first time in many years! ($1 each, yay!)

Maybe it’s like cutting an avocado? Looking forward to the answers!

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First, you peel off the skin with a knife. Make sure you are not stripping it of the pulp. Then you cut in a checkered fashion across the broad side of the pit so you have bunch of squares. Then shave your knife against the pit, going under the mango squares. You now have a bunch of mango chunks. Repeat for the other side. I prefer to lick the pit like a Popsicle myself.

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Slice it in sections from N. pole to South; if it is the proper ripeness, the triangular rinds should slip down. But eat over a sink. A delicious mess under any circumstance.

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@gailcalled is correct. You’ll probably get messy any way you do it.

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Make a cut all the way around the “equator” of the mango, (oriented lengthwise) as far down as the pit. Saw all the way down till you feel it. Then twist the two halves apart. The seed will stick to one half. Swivel a paring knife under the pit to detach it. Then score each remaining half through the flesh, down to the skin in a diamond hatchmark pattern. Now, push the skin side up, to turn the mango inside out, and you will get an elongated hemisphere covered in diamond-shaped lumps of mango flesh. Scrape with teeth, over a sink, or use lots of napkins.

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I agree with all the diamond hatching. This tool helps get there quick:

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I feel like a savage. I just peel it and cut off pieces. Then I chew down to the pit after I’ve cut off all that I can. And I keep a stash of napkins handy. Mmmmm.

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So not like an avocado?

I like to cut an avocado in half, remove the pit and eat it with a spoon.

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There are a bunch of videos on youtube about this. Uberbatman posted a link to a really good one but the search here doesn’t really work and I can’t find it.

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I’m confused by the squirrel!

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@casheroo what about the squirrel confuses you?

Thanks everyone…I’m going to have to try some out and see what seems to work best. I’ll buy more mangoes this weekend and get back to all

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Our store actually has cutting classes – The fruit manager will cut one up, and then give it to us free when we buy others.

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first use a potato peeler to peel the skin (most efficient if the peeler is sharp), then slice a thin peace of flesh on the bottom so it will stand flat by itself, then make 4–6 vertical cuts around the mango (dont slice all the way through the mango, just about an inch or ⅓ – ½ of the mango deep) then set it on its side and do the same thing, making squares on the flesh, now set the mango back up again and cut 4–5 times straight down (rotating the mango after every cut) perpindicular to your first vertical cut, and that will make mango cubes! Dispose of the “pit”.

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there is a way to cut it that you don’t need to remove the skin
you cut it in half, sort of, and then maybe like a grid with the knife on the meaty part of the mango. you cut the whole way through it but not through the skin. and then you sort of push it inside out and the mango is cut up, in chunks, and you just have to feel it off the skin. its amazing.

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I have cut tons of mangos.

You make two cuts, one on each side of the seed.

Based on the shape of the mango, you can tell which direction the flat seed is facing (just look at one, and common sense will give you the answer).

After you’ve cut a few, you get a feel for how thick the seed is and can approximate fairly well where you should make each cut.

Then take each piece you cut off. Put it in the palm of your hand flesh up and, with a small knife, cut a grid into the flesh. Then push the skin in to make the grid of mango cubes pop out. Cut each cube to separate it from the skin. Repeat for the other piece.

Cut pieces of flesh off the seed, then toss it.

Here is a video.

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I’m craving mango right now. Awwwww

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listen to @lilikoi… except after you are left with a mostly bare seed it’s always fun to stand over the kitchen sink and suck the rest of the pulp off…

Mmm… mangoes… brings back fond memories of hot summer days in S Florida, and enjoying the seemingly endless supply from the tree in the backyard.

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anyone else find mango to have plenty of potential as a sexual fruit? ala 9½ weeks fridge scene? All that sticky juice and the sucking of the pit afterwards….

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Dont try to cut it..peel it. Use your teeth. Bite into it and take a piece of the skin in your mouth, and peel it off. Then enjoy the jucy fruit underneath.

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