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Do you recommend any places to take pictures in Chicago?

Asked by daniel89x (280points) March 11th, 2008

My friend and I are planning a trip to Chicago, IL next week to take pictures. Is there any place you recommend?

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I hear the Navy Pier is a popular place to visit…not sure about taking pictures there, but it might be worth a look

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@ccatron: Nah, not Navy Pier. There are better places.
@daniel: The first thing that comes to mind is Millennium Park (Michigan Ave, near the Art Institute. You can’t miss it). That is where Cloud Gate is
I am a photographer, too, and I think there are some really artistic shots just waiting to happen there.
After Millenium park, either head North on Michigan Ave, towards the river. That is one of my favorite walks. Nice buildings, just beautiful. Or, head west and walk toward State Street. I think you’ll find some really wonderful shots there.
Last, my favorite spot to view the skyline is on the little strip of land between the Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium. Check Google maps or something, but you’ll know it when you see it. Have fun!

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check out “cloud gate” nicknamed “the bean” at Millennium Park… Look at it online…. Amazing!

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I don’t know of they have the boat tours yet (may be too early in the year) but pics of the shoreline from the lake are usually stunning.

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I second Millennium Park for some great photography. I would also recommend going on an Architectural Walking Tour of Historic Skyscrapers, by the CAF They are only two hours long and cost $15. You’ll be able to capture some really historic architecture photos if that’s your thing. Another place for great photography, is Lincoln Park Zoo and the surrounding lake front by the Zoo. You Can walk over the bridge that connects to North Ave beach over Lake Shore Drive and get some great Skyline photographs of the city and the lake front. Hopefully you’ll have good weather. We’ve had an extremely brutal winter here in Chicago and eagerly await warmer temps.

Good Luck!

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if you want something less touristy, i have always liked doing photo shoots under the El tracks, especially the brown line has some really cool dilapidated scaffolding type structures that look cool in photos.

i am also a huge fan of the graceland jewish cemetary at clark and irving park, just a few blocks north of wrigley field. it is a beautiful old cemetary with a lot of personality. in fact there are a whole bunch of cemetaries right along that strip to choose from…. i think because that used to be the far north side of the city and people got buried along the outskirts, but then the city just grew around it…

the music box theater on southport between grace and addison is beautiful, old-timey, with big red velvet curtains, an organist, and pinhole stars in the ceiling with projections of clouds moving across it…. bet you could get some cool photos there.

hope you have a good trip. if you’re looking for a good place to eat check out the crepe and coffee palace on clark between arlington and fullerton. it’s an algerian owned restaurant, the people who work there are really sweet, and their food is SO delicious. you can build your own crepe, they are the best i’ve ever had.

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If I had already exhausted the more standard, geographic options, I think the Museum of Science and Industry would make a fascinating place to take pictures:

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Two words. Buckingham Fountain.

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I live right next to the Lincoln Park Zoo and I think it’s a great area to wander around. There is the zoo, the indoor garden, and the nature museum is near by with a butterfly garden. Not to mention you can walk around the park or the area and shoot as well.

It just depends on what you want to shoot and how much time you have? Anywhere downtown is nice if you want some street photography. You could also shoot in what’s called the Gold Coast. There are a few art galleries in the area as well so you could always take a break and view some art.

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You really can’t go wrong with Millennium Park, as its always full of tourists and other Chicagoans enjoying the big fancy park. I’ve gotten some really nice pictures of stuff in and around Navy Pier, too, but the photo ops around Chicago aren’t limited to the tourist spots. Like unacornea said, it’s all about the infrastructure of the elevated tracks, or the millions of things you find along the lake front (I like to tool around the bike path). I also suggest the Aragon, The Riviera, or the abandoned Uptown theater.
If the nightlife appeals, the areas down Clark are awesome, like Andersonville .

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As a regular morning commuter, I have to say that lake Michigan looks simply amazing during most sun rises and the ice and mist over the water does nothing but compliment them.

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Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I’ve compiled almost every single one into a list and I’m going to try my best to visit it all. Thanks again.

If anyone else thinks of anything else, feel free to post an idea.

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Another vote here for Millenium Park. Also, I went to school at the in Hyde Park, a neighborhood on the city’s south side, and the University of Chicago has a gorgeous gothic campus. It’s definitely worth the trek down there—hop the Jackson Park Express (#6 bus) on State St. downtown and you’ll be at 55th and Hyde Park Blvd. in 20–25 minutes.

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