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It’s not. It’s the theme music that plays during the Star Trek TOS episode “Amok Time” – the Battle between Kirk and Spock.

I believe the track is called “The Ritual”

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Are you sure it’s not just used in that as well?

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@Seek_Kolinahr I was just about to suggest that it was an original piece composed for the Star Trek television series. They did use original music, and the piece is used in the scene that Jim Carrey is referencing there. But the Klingon battle theme? It’s used here in a fight between Spock and Kirk, seems one wouldn’t use the Klingon battle theme for that.

However, I will have to bow to your superior knowledge of Trek lore and assume that it was.

Also, it’s frankly just too bad to be a piece of pre-existing classical music. I await correction by a classical music expert.

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Removed by me for redundency First answer edited to reflect this one.

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The Star Trek episode “Amok Time” includes original music by Gerald Fried. I believe that he is responsible for that piece of music.

And here’s some confirmation: “The music used in Kirk and Spock’s fight scene is variously called “The Ritual” or “Ancient Battle” on Star Trek soundtrack albums. Written by Gerald Fried, who also wrote the slow bass guitar theme for Spock, it has developed a legacy all its own.”

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