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What events have you attended that left a lasting impression on you & what made them so special?

Asked by ucme (46701points) April 21st, 2010

Maybe a sporting event or a music concert. A party, wedding or whatever.

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I’ve been to see a Marine Corps silent drill a couple times at the Iwo Jima memorial. Their precision is incredible, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Every time I go to an Eagle Court of Honor to honor a new Eagle Boy Scout I am amazed at the fine young men in front of me and the achievements involved that not only the scout achieved but all the parents who were to support them along the way. Really a testament to what a difference a good program and parental support can do to produce top-notch young men.

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I went to the First Annual MTV Music Video Awards, and it was the stuff of legend.

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As I search my memory, nothing really comes to mind. The only thing that was really memorable was my own wedding. I’ll always remember that. I remember an event I went to over the weekend—a 50th wedding anniversary. It was very special, but I don’t know if it will stand the test of time.

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Weddings and Baby Welcoming Ceremonies are always touching.
We had a prisoner re-entry into society meeting. The stories were so touching, empowering, and heartbreaking.
We also go to cultural events that are deeply rooted in tradition. Those are always powerful and amazing.

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Going to any Grand Prix, especially the Monaco one. I met most of the drivers. Cost me a fair bit though, but wouldn’t change it for the world.

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The kata ceremony of one of my classmates very recently. 15 years of study and training came down to a half hour of 21 perfectly executed kata filled with energy, discipline and flow.

Desmond Tutu when I was at uni. He blessed me. I was very touched by his kindness, and I’m not even religious.

Meeting (separately) two of my comedy heroes, Michael Palin and Terry Jones. These are my comedic heroes.

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I saw Madalyn Murray O’Hair speak. @Ucme, you ask the best questions on Fluther. Do you realize that? I attended a spooky wedding at a 200 yr old church; pretty scary place in Kansas City. George W Bush spoke at my son in law’s high school graduation in Dallas. I guess dancing on American Bandstand wouldn’t count but it was much more exciting than the others.
I can’t recall any other events right now so I guess I missed most of them.

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@Aster Aww shucks, why thank you for that.Not entirely true though, (false modesty) ;¬}

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