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If you were to visit your old school, which teachers would you love to see again, which would you be perhaps a little wary of?

Asked by ucme (46645points) April 21st, 2010

Assuming they’re still alive & kicking depending on your age of course.

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I am fifty-six. Most of mine would be dead or senile. There are a few professors from various universities that I keep in touch with.

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I would visit my high school math teacher. I loved that woman. She was my inspiration. I going to be a math teacher because of her and I would love to say thank you to her

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One of my high school teachers was convicted of sleeping with his underaged students and was having an affair with a married teacher at the same school. I dont want to see that guy ever again.

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I have no particular interest in seeing any of my former teachers and no wariness either. Some college professors maybe, but no one from prior to college. Heck, I can’t remember most of them, and I’m quite certain that none remember me.

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I am with @DarkScribe . Mine would mostly be dead or senile… I am 47.

I still, if I could, would like to thank a fantastic algebra teacher and pull a prank on one of my biology teachers for good measure (he was a first rate teacher and not above a few practical jokes himself). Both of these teachers were the toughest and the best, preparing their students well.

I had a sex ed teacher in 7th grade who I would stay about 100 miles away from. He sweat a lot and sat near various children (pulled up a chair and sat right beside us, putting his hand on our thighs), myself included, when watching any film dealing with direct sexuality. Ugh! I told my father the first time he put his hand on my thigh. I do not know what my father did but I was in another class the next day. I cannot remember if he was still teaching.

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I am not wary of any,but would like to see an old art teacher.She was the best and is still teaching :)

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I’d definitely want to see Mr. Field. He was the Poetry Club sponsor in junior high, and I attended his club all the way until my senior year of high school. I actually considered him a very dear friend and a great confidant. Probably one of the only people that actually encouraged me to write.

Then I’d want to see Mr. Eckstein. He was my history teacher for two years, and Humanities teacher for one. An excellent teacher, all around.

Then I’d go see Gabe, my drama teacher.

Then The Verge, the art teacher. Awesome old hippie. He used to let me hang out in the clay room and make stuff during lunch period, even though I didn’t have room in my schedule to take his class. I made half a set of Lord of the Rings chess figurines that semester. He said I was the only student in a long time to bother with miniatures.

I might or might not go see Shaffy – I mean, Ms. Schafchuk, my senior year English teacher. She was just happy to have someone in class that wasn’t afraid of literature.

I’d avoid my junior year Chemistry teacher like the plague. He was insane. He failed the Valedictorian. I took a test in his class, my two friends and I had all the same answers. James got a 47%, I got a 17%, Stoner got a 23%. I dropped the class and took Anatomy instead. I think he’s been fired since.

Oh, and I’d avoid my Anatomy teacher too… she was a devout Christian, and literally taught Evolution with a “but we know what really happened” disclaimer.

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I keep in contact with a lot of my high school teachers through Facebook. Mainly for seeing what teachers do outside of school.
I just graduated.. so it’s not like it’s been years since I’ve seen them.
I go back and hang out in the auto body shop a lot. That teacher was like a father to me, so of course I wanted to stick around.
Other than him, I have no desire to see my old teachers. I hated school.

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For me it would probably be my Icelandic teachers at my first school in Iceland:)

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Most of my teachers are probably still alive. The oldest one alive would be about 80 now. I think my 6th grade teacher, Mrs S, is likely deceased at this point; she was in her early 60s when I was in her class 30 years ago (!!!!).

I’d love to see Mr C, my 8th grade teacher. He’s the one who sticks out the most as having given a damn about me. I’d like to see my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs K, who was very sweet and kind during a really rough school year for me. Then perhaps the ever-glamourous Miss J; she dated Jeffrey Tambor and invited him to our class when I was in 4th grade (Miss J. was also an Equity actress). Mr Murphy, my old high school soccer coach, of course ::swoon!::. Oh, I’d also like to chat a bit with my old Irish History TA from sophomore year at uni, Grant D. He could’ve been David Tennant’s brother, that one. Sharp as a tack, too.

I wouldn’t like to see my 11th grade English lit teacher whose name I’ve mercifully forgotten, my 1st grade teacher, Mrs M, my 10th grade American History teacher, Mr A, or my 9th grade biology teacher, Mr P. Those last two were a couple of pervs!

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I’d like to see my grade three teacher again. She was really supportive and helpful towards my shitty situation at the time. However she was nearly 60 back then, so if she’s still alive now, she obviously is probably not working there anymore.

Also my grade four teacher was awesome. He was a hunchback, but he knew how to make class interesting.

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I would visit my elementry school in Santa Rosa. Mark West Elementry and I would visit every teacher and catch up on things. :)

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My kindergarden teacher. lol only one i ever liked.

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I don’t know I would really feel up to chatting with them but there are a handful of teachers who really helped me out and I would love them to know how much help they really were. All of them are high school teachers.

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Mr Rivers, my Design and Technology teacher, Mr Callaghnan who was head of my tutor group, Mrs Beauchanon my English Teacher, Mr Sayer and Mrs Mac who were my music teachers and Mrs Cox who was one of my primary school teachers would all be top of my list too visit.

Mr Slade, Science Teacher and Mr Taylor, Maths teacher would be the two that I would avoid.

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ms. maiden. she was my first grade teacher and i thought she was so beautiful. funny how you can see beauty at such a tender age.

hated sr. francesca in the 5th grade because she twisted my ear

loved ms. mcdermott in 8th grade because she was cool and had a brother who was a radio DJ and played guitar.

mr. pagano was my print shop teacher in the 12th grade. he was cool

and then there was Dr. berry, my journalism professor who would have beer and pizza with us after newswriting 101.

never can forget mr. brownlee who smoked cigarettes in class. he was cool.

and then there was larry yellen, a broadcaster here in chicago, who failed me in “media and the law.” i think i was wasted the whole semester in that class.

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I would go and see my biology teacher, and my chemistry teacher. They made a huge difference in my life, and helped me understand the practical aspects of algebra.
But my English teacher, no! She put me through two years of hell, so if I see her, I will tell her to go F%$k herself.

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I thought all of my public school teachers were idiots and never thought I would like to see them again.

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I’d only visit my French teacher. She was pretty amazing. I wouldn’t mind being friends with her.

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My kindergarten teacher, she was the one who taught me to be brave. I would avoid my 7th grade math teacher, he smelled bad and always had a huge gob of word paste on each corner of his mouth, my stomach is just to weak for it these days.

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@Silhouette Word paste? I don’t know what that is but it sounds hideous.

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@Leanne1986 It is. I’ll try to describe it without losing my lunch. It’s that white pasty substance which gathers at the corners of some peoples mouths, lip goo, word paste. Yuck!

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I would love to chat again with my creative writing teacher. He had a hilariously deadpan sense of humor. I would be a little wary of meeting my tenth grade English teacher. She’s extremely intelligent, but seems mentally unbalanced. During class she would share sob stories about her childhood and family background. It was strange.

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My art/gym teacher in grade 9… she was hot.

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