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If you could have once special ability, what would it be?

Asked by whyigottajoin (1149points) April 21st, 2010

First off my apoligies if this question has already been asked. =) But if you could have a special ability, what would you want? What would you wish for? For example; being able to time travel, or jump to any location, immortality, see the future, talk to animals, move through objects, hear people’s thoughts, abnormal strength, being able to heal yourself and others, etc. etc. =D

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I’d like to control people’s wills and have em do whatever I want.

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Heal people.

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I’d like to be a Jumper so I could teleport to anywhere around the world in an instant.

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The ability to heal myself and others from sickness and injury.

@Symbeline I’d do whatever you’d want me to do without any special powers. :D

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The ability to kick ass and fly around!

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I’d like to be able to be in two places at once.

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Be the Herald of Galactus for a little while so he could grant me the same exact powers as the silver surfer. (Immunity to pretty much anything, the power cosmic: which can also heal people, and light speed travel)

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@Vunessuh Who needs powhaz when I have Vunessuh. :)

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I’ll take the power to create money.

I’ll even limit it. I’d like the power to create $250,000, cash, one time use.

That would pretty much take care of all of my problems.

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Sometimes when i am terribly embarrassed i would like to be able to disappear in thin air.

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I would like to be able to read people’s minds.

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I usually say fly. But today I would say be able to make money only because I feel the need for it right now. How horrible I know.

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to go back in time and fix broken things

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Hey, we all need it sometimes. Unfortunately, we do live in the real world, and the real world is stacked against people that don’t have money.

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@rebbel I hear you loud and clear. I lived more than half of my life that way. And in fact tried to hide myself from being noticed for fear some one would talk to me. I went to my doctor and told him about my uncomfortable issue. It actually stopped me from going places. He prescribed a low dose of effexor. I don’t know why, but it made a really bid difference for me.
I would like to go back and experience the things I didn’t because of shyness.

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I’d opt for true objectivity—the ability to see things are they are (including myself) without filter or bias. But I’d definitely want an on and off switch. What kind of person has the mental strength to live that way?

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Maybe the ability to satisfy my mother… in any capacity…?

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Feeling fat right now so I’ll say “eat whatever I want and stay slim.”

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I would like to be able to cure Autism.

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The ability to make people feel exactly what they make others feel, good or bad, at will.

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Pff. I already have that ability. :) And that’s not always a good thing!


Bilocation is really interesting. That’s something that I’ve incorporated into a story I’m writing. I would also like the ability to use “amnesia dust” and make people forget things, embarrassing or damaging things. :P

Maybe teleportation would be my #1 choice. Sure, I love the experience of traveling, but there are some things where I just want to be there right away or there are situations where I want to transport an object.

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Not choosing the super cheap “copy people’s powers” type power or something insane like time control, I would likely take invisibility. It would be very… entertaining…

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I’d want the ability to move in out of fictional stories at my will. There are so many worlds I’d love to experience that are only available to me through books, movies, and television.

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@ambos The greatest thing about reading and using your imagination is, that you can move in and out of those worlds. Great answer ambos!

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Flying would be pretty cool.

@Symbeline Can you tell @Vunessuh to go make me a sandwich and get me a beer?

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@Rangie As fun as it is to imagine different worlds, actually experiencing them is something else entirely.

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@ambos, Yeah, I guess you are right. It would be fun to really experience them.

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@Keysha ditto, I love your answer. Now if we can just figure out how to do.

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thanks :)

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And the winner is….......Keysha..Yeah!

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The abilliy to mimic anyone elses ability… at will

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Stop time so I could spend as much time as I could with the ones I love most.

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Do I get another go? The ability to have more than one life running at the same time and to move back and forth between them seamlessly.

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Flight! Without requiring a special suit.

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I would like to have the ability to become invisible. Can you imagine all the pranks, that have yet to be played?

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The ability to control the universe and to manipulate the laws of physics at will. Yup. That ought to be enough.

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Whoever thinks it’d be great to play pranks on people or control them using your superpower, I’d like to sic Keysha on you.

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Best one yet! I’d like to be able to experience another’s feelings rather than just try to understand them. I think I could learn forgiveness in this way and also more respect.

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I’d like to block all sound in my local vacinity. In other words, I wish I could put the world on mute :D In reality, blocking sound like this would cause lots of accidents, so not such a great power to have.

If I could have the powers of any fictional Super Hero, then I think I’d go for Dr Manhattan from Watchmen, as he can manipulate solid matter, time and space (he is essentially a god).

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Thanks for the answers! Btw credits for this question go to my best friend @Eleonora =)

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@bob_ No can do, she’s too busy down here. >_>

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@Symbeline Well, when she’s done, can you ask her to go wash her hands, then make me a sandwich and get me a beer?

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