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What's a scary story or movie that you've read/saw that was actually just totally ridiculous?

Asked by Berserker (33475points) April 21st, 2010

I got this idea after reading a short story by Stephen King yesterday called ’‘Chittery Teeth’’...the title says it all, this includes a set of toy chittery teeth that run around munching and eating people’s noses and penises off.

It was awesome, but it wasn’t scary because the premise just seemed so…comical. King has a lot of stories like that, like The Mangler, or The Night Flyer, about a vampire with a private plane license…presumably the same vampire who buys Ninja Turtle toys for his grandson in ’‘Popsy’’.

I once saw this slasher movie, although I forget the name, where some Mexican dude wearing a huge sombrero goes around severing off peoples’ hands and keeps them to himself, we discover later that his mom traumatized him as a child by constantly yelling at him not to touch anything…also, when he cut off the hand of some girl, she looks at her stump then calls him an asshole, apparently oblivious to physical pain.

I love horror, and I love finding things like that in its mediums, unintentional humour and whatnot, or at least, seemingly so…so this time, what is something horror related that was meant to be scary, but you just thought it was ridiculous or hilarious?

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Paranormal Activity

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Chuckie. Never scared me. Always made me laugh.

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I thought the whole scene prior to, during, and immediately after the point in the first Saw film where the blonde guy hacked his foot off was ridiculous. His bad acting turned the supposed climax into comedy for me personally.

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That thing with Chucky the doll.

@RedPowerLady ^^

and Blacula

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I love the Night Flyer. :)

I can’t remember the name of the movie, but it was about the devil trying to pull people to his side… I don’t remember much about the movie at all, except that the “devil” was extremely fake. The only line of the whole movie I remember was “I can give you anything. Money, Fame…. Sex.”

Very bizarre.

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Monsturd, it’s about some guy that turns into fecal matter due to being exposed to toxic waste and goes around killing people…totally rediculous

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Hellraiser. Not sure why, but it was my favorite movie when I was about…4. Pinhead made me smile :)

Ohmygawd am I demented???

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Glenn Beck’s “Common Sense”.

I figured that since equating that man with any form of common sense is ludicrous then the book should be too. And all his rhetoric is scary.

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@RamRom444 is that an answer?

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Sorority Row and Saw!!

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“IT” with the clown.

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Most of the Friday the 13th just made me laugh.

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Two words: Prom Night. Enough said.

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The movie Dreamcatcher. Yet another Stephen King bomb.

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Wizard of Gore
I laughed because of how much Montag reminded me of my us history/economics teacher and how cheesy the gore is. Still a great film

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Teeth, vagina dentata!

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vagina dentata has been my favorite phrase for years!

I’m a wimp. All scary movies scare me. I can handle scary books or stories, but even the lamest horror movies completely freak me out. “Pet Sematary” is a good example…dumbest movie, gave me terrible nightmares.

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oh there’s another icky one but i forgot the name—some evel knievel motorcyclist who makes a pact with the devil to save his dad and turns into a monster does anyone know what5 this dumbass thing is?

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This movie called Dead Girl. Some high school guys find a dead girl in the basement of an abandoned hospital, and proceed to fuck her in her various orifices, natural and man-made (e.g., holes dug out of her rotting flesh, etc.). Except she’s not really dead but some kind of zombie and it turns out that despite being a rotting ‘corpse’ she actually still has a pretty nice sharp set of teeth, and some dicks get eaten.

Not to be confused with the Brittany Murphy movie.

@anartist: lol

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That ridiculous film version of Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers”. The screenplay and acting were so bad that I found myself happily rooting for the “bug-eyed monsters”.

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Dreamcatcher, Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project, every sequel to Friday the 13th, several sequels to A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Sentinel…..just to name a few.

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Stephen King had one (book) that was so retarded I gave up reading it. I don’t remember the title, but it was about electrical appliances like toasters coming to life and attacking humans. What a groaner.

Another one was the Twilight Zone movie trilogy with whatzizname – the Captain Kirk dude – seeing a gremlin on the wing of a plane….in a thunderstorm storm….with massive bolts of frequent lightening…...25,000 feet in the air…....ugh.

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@phillis. Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive. It was pretty silly.

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@Bluefreedom Dreamcatcher fits this perfectly. And alien worm thing that lives in your gut then flies out your ass? You’ve got to be kidding. After reading the scene with Beaver and the alien in the bathroom, I was a little apprehensive to sit on the toilet though. Mission accomplished, Stephen King.

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@anartist I think you’re remembering Ghost Rider with Nic Cage. I agree with you on that one.

An American Haunting, really great story about the Bell witch in Tennessee. Unfortunately, the ending was a real disappointment. Absolutely ridonkulous.

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@py_sue You got it! It was called Ghost Rider!
@absalom I hope I NEVER see that dead girl grosso [thanx for Ghost Rider pic]

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@Bluefreedom Thanks for the warning! If the cover is changed by now, at least I can avoid the title when looking to buy a new book from this genre. He writes this puke worthy crap because he contracts to crank out a certain number of books. Is there a razzie award for deeply stupid drivel? Hehehehe :)

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Ghost Ship. Worst horror film I’ve ever seen. I only watched it because one of my favourite actors was in it, but it was so bad I couldn’t even finish it.

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@phillis I love Maximum Overdrive. Both the story and film, and then that film’s remake haha. But yeah, I think it’s more tongue in cheek humour than much of anything else.

Has anyone seen anything about that ’‘Human Centipede’’ movie? I don’t know if I should be scared or rolling on the floor laughing.

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@Symbeline I haven’t heard of it, but the thought of having to buy that many pairs of shoes is nightmare enough for me.

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Damn, Sym. That’s right up your ailementary canal! Hehehe. Nice subliminal touch, giving him a German accent. Very Mengele.

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Pulse, Dreamcatcher, Ghost Ship, Darkness Falls
^bad…..^horrible….....^terrible…....^no hope for humanity

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@Vunessuh Dreamcatcher horrible movie. Utterly retarded. Got stupider than I could imagine toward the end. Somebody needs to be shot for making that one. But I can’t call it an assassination.

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Yeah, Dreamcatcher was a horrendous movie…but the book was fantastic, which is why I was all the more disappointed in the movie. And it didn’t even end the same way as the book, meh.

And lawl Ghost Ship. All I remember from that is a can of maggots. Hmm, maggots.

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@Symbeline Are you serious? It didn’t have the same ending?? Damn, whose bright idea was that? Anything is better than what those idiots paid to produce. Just think how many homeless people that money could have fed! Or how many starlet’s shoes it could buy :)

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Yeah, the ending had two monsters battling it out. You know, just for the sake of Hollywood climax I imagine. But this did NOT happen in the book.
Also, the main villain in the book was amazing, but the movie one was…man I’m so disappointed.
And lol at the shoes comments. You and I would go see that centipede film in the theatre if it was possible. :D

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Bahahaha!! I didnt even think about that! clever bitch. grumble, grumble.

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Oh, I thought you were the one tryna be clever. :D Oh well, it was awesome either way. Centipedes rule! ’‘raises fist’’

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I have my moments but it ain’t an across the board kinda thang. Arid might be a good word

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fear dot com, jason vrs freddy, all the screams. well there are tons I can’t list them all.

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fear dot com. That was hilarious.

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The Human Centipede.
The Blair Witch Project
Hide and Seek (Robert Deniro seemed so out of place in that movie.)
White Noise

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@AshlynM Did you know they’re making a sequel to Human Centipede? It’s supposed to have either 9 or 12 people in it.

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That movie…when this dude named Ash wires up a chainsaw to his severed arm, starts it up, then says “groovy.” That damn movie just went on and on and I thought it was never going to end.

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“Tremors” with Reba McEntire was total camp.

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@woodcutter That would be Evil Dead 2. I love the whole trilogy. :)

Tremors was pretty cool too, but a lot more for the characters than anything else. Cheesy but fun.

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It’s funny how movies date. Blair Witch just wouldn’t be the same today. 3 kids get lost in the woods, whip out their iPhones, use the gps find out where they are and phone for help. Job done.

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That idea might fall to the very popular slasher law though…back in the day, landlines were cut by hand, today, cellphones never work when they have to, or signals cannot be obtained. I’m sure they’d find some way for today’s trinkets to mess up lol.

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Well let’s face it mobile phones never work that well any where you can see two trees without moving your head.

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