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What could my dream mean?

Asked by ConfusedKid (153points) April 21st, 2010 from iPhone

Last night, I had a brief dream. Around about 5 seconds long, but the thing which made it so powerfully was that it was on my mind all day.

Ok, so here’s what happened (background info I must tell you too). So in real life I’ve been speaking to this girl from September 2009 up until last month – when we stopped. It was more of a sudden thing when we stopped and we occasionally let on. Also, we used to speak all the time. Sounds wired but we had a facebook status which had 2100 comments also. So we were pretty close.

Ok, so in the dream. Just the two of us are sat in a log flume, and she kisses me. Then we both start to kiss each other but it’s as if SHE made a move.

Ok, that was pretty much everything but also. Which may be usefull is that a couple of weeks back we had a short chat online in which we both said we missed speaking to each other which pleased me cause it was if she missed me when I thought she didn’t.

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It means you want her. Go to her! Let her know :)

And welcome to Fluther!

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That you want to pursue her and she probably has romantic interest in you. Tell her your feelings, you may hit it off.

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Cheers guys, please keep commenting. I hate to use the word ‘fate’ especially as I’m just 15 but a girl in my class was due to do a presentation on what dreams today in english mean. But there wasn’t enough time for her, so I’ll wait till next lesson. But please keep the comments coming in.

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Wait…so…did you actually have this dream or was it for a class that you asked about it?

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It sounds more like your developing an obsession for her. Your creating a non-existent relationship in your mid. . . . a wishful thinking.

Just be careful with what you play with, you may end up having to wash your undies to avoid embarassment.

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It means you like each other.

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I’ve had similar dreams. It means you want her to make a move dude, but there is definitley some chemistry between you two. If things don’t pick up, then you’re the one that needs to make a move. And quick. Believe me, I know all too well the regret of waiting too late aah, the sad stories i could tell…

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In my opinion it is proof positive that you were asleep at the time.

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You’re nuts

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@Chongalicious I actually had the dream

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@ConfusedKid Oh, ok :) I got a little mixed up when you metnioned the class and dream presentations lol

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Aha, fair enough.

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I often notice my dreams are of things that are in the BACK of my mind.

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It’s a wishful thinking dream. Just get back in touch with her.

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i have had strange dreams too. im flying, or im pregnant or have a new baby, or im being chased or about monsters, or all my teeth fall out. what does this mean, anyone know?

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I think you need to keep talking to her and hope for the best. She could have feelings for you and that may be worth finding out. You sound pretty infatuated or obsessed (maybe) which isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you don’t resolve it by finding out. So, find out! :D ~Best of luck. You sound like a sweety. ;D

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