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Why move St Paddy's day?

Asked by carterooney (15points) March 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I believe the Irish pubs of America will be f far busier this Saturday than all the churches will on Monday. Given that is a pretty good indication that as a culture we would rather get drunk & have a good time, is it fair to change the date of St Paddy’s day celebrations for a not so popular Christian celebration?!

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It’s a religious holiday…so the Catholics can do what they like!

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The Irish are mainly Catholics though, & all the ones I know will be in the pubs Saturday & nowhere near church Monday! It makes no sense

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Hehe… There are places where it is a secular holiday, but in Ireland it is both a national holiday and a religious one.

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I’m confused. As far as I know St. Patrick’s Day has always been march 17th. Are they changing the day?

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@scamp: you beat me to it. It is like Halloween. Sometimes it falls on a “not fun” day.

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oh, I see. Well it’s always a fun day for me, because I plan ahead, and if it falls on a weekday, I take it off. We go to new York for the parade every year, then come home and have an Irish dinner and drinks. Green beer and Irish coffee included!

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@Les: They pushed it forward so it didn’t fall during holy week. Seems even the Clergymen know it’s all about getting drunk!~

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@bluemukaki , I don’t think it has anything to do with Holy Week. And in the States, it has little to do with Lá Fhéile Pádraig or the Apostle of Ireland. For many in the US it is an excuse to drink green beer.

Don’t get me started on green beer!

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Well I’m an Irish American that doesn’t have a clue what alcohol tastes like. I was raised in the home of a good Baptist Christian family.
But I’m also an Irish nationalist, and I must confess, I’m angry at my own nationality for adopting such an anti-bible tradition.

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I think we should move St.Patricks day to the middle of the indian ocean.

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