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If you could live in a different Universe which would you choose?

Asked by earthduzt (3231points) April 21st, 2010

Just for pure fantasy sake if you could choose to live in a different Universe which would you choose? It can be any fictional Universe (i.e. Alice in Wonderland, Camelot, etc.) I guess also an era of time would be OK too choose if you want also (and I’m just talking about living there and being someone in there, not a main character)...For me it would be a toss up as a child I read the Silmarillian by J.R.R. Tolkien and thought it would be neat to live in Middle Earth and then I got a little older and Watched Bladerunner and thought it would be so cool to live in that “world”. It’s so dark and “cyberish” but seems to hold some sort of romantic quality for me.
So what Universe would you live in?

and if you just say “where I’m living now”....boring :P

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Any universe that has unlimited chocolate without consequences. You know what I mean.

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I second the Wonka land.

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I already do. I live in my own little universe, it’s a nice space! lol

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On my 11th birthday, I was secretly waiting for my acceptance letter from Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
It never came.

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A world where there are real evils and only I have the super powers to defeat them, not unlike the Buffyverse. This is my nerdiest aspect. I long to be a slayer, or slayer-like figure. Maybe a psych major can tell me what my deal is.

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I also wouldn’t mind living in the Labyrinth .
I mean, come on, if Davie Bowie lives there it seems like the perfect place to me.

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@Captain_Fantasy lol that would be a nice one to live in…

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@squidcake Only if he gets a looser pair of pants. I’ve loved him most of my life, but I do NOT want to see his package. AGGGHHHHH!! I can see it in my mind! Damn you @squidcake!

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The tenth dimension in string theory.

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In the Small Magellanic Cloud Galaxy on the Planet Tralfamadore.

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The one where SG-1 actually exists with the same exact people saving the world a million times.

I realize how incredibly sad that is but I don’t care get over it.

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“Earth’s the best place for love,
I don’t know where it’s likely to be better.”

- Robert Frost

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B-But, but…that’s the best part of the movie…

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The one from the Myst and Riven games.

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Valhalla. Where warriors spend each day hacking each other to bits, then are magically healed in time for dinner and the evenings drunken debauchery.

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Camelot with Franco Nero :)

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The ‘Verse, hands down.

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A universe of my own creation. We, the Marauding Wild Elephants of Nar, an elite force composed of Dumbo clones and their resourceful leaders. We trek the night, searching, finding, conquering. We slay those that try to take what rightfully belongs to the Sky People of Nar. We do it for the action, for the fame, for the powerless; we do it for the peanuts.

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Oh…maybe thats where one of my last dates lives. Yep, naked volleyball guy and I were not a ‘match.’ haha

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land, do you get to go to Valhalla before or after the naval battle with the ship made out of the toenails of dead warriors?

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but of course! ;-)

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Star Trek, United Federation of Planets, Earth, 25th century, long after the Dominion War.

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I’d stay here, but in the 70’s.

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The 70’s were a blast…not so good for brain cells, but fortunetly I had an over abundance so no longterm harm. lol

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I was expecting someone to mention Avatar…

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@haegenschlatt yeah same here that or Twilight **rolls eyes

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@ubersiren: A world where there are real evils and only I have the super powers to defeat them, not unlike the Buffyverse.

this world has real evils, too, and you can fight them. (even in Buffyland, they won’t go away permanently.)

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Pandora or Hogwarts

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New answer-

I’ll take the ‘Verse, The Library, Spirited Away, alternate reality Japan, inside a white helmet and I’ll take Avatar and Twilight just because I fucking can. besides, if I take Avatar then Katawa might come visit me :)

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Alantis during the hey days before the big disaster

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@gemiwing Spirited Away would be neat and since we are talking about Hayao Miyazaki Ponyo Universe would be a good one also..hell just combine all his work into one Universe would be alright with me.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Either way, those hot Valkyries swoop in to pick you up off the battlefield.

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Star Wars. Hands down.

@squid That would be fun until you got turned into a goblin.
@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oh. My. God, that would be a pretty universe to live in.

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Ancient Greece. Love that mythology, ingenious civilization.

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How about the Star Trek universe without the Romulans.

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The After Life, if it existed.

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The DC Universe, then I could hang out with Batman and Green Arrow :D Not Robin though, he’s not invited because he sucks.

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Oooh that one where loads of naked gorgeous gals throw themselves at your feet & deliver you to paradise via carnal pleasure.You know Amsterdam!!

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@py_sue – I like their peace movement supported by Spock.

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Universe # 106428

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