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Virtual reality plus fluther question inside.

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) April 21st, 2010

We’re getting closer to really living in virtual reality – away from our pc’s – and it’s just around the corner. Ipads and bluetooth, facebook on our iphone, 3d glasses projecting a 50 inch screen – very soon, you’ll be walking around with virtual reality glasses – having to choose between interacting with society around you, or “within” you. Just as some get so absorbed listening to their ipods (or mp3 players – don’t meant to plug apple) and don’t hear the outside sounds, would you choose the virtual reality of fluther over the real world?

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It’s just entertainment dude.

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I don’t think it matters either way. They are both real. It is the interactions between humans which makes it so.

Now if in this virtual reality you can make avatars that look nothing like you, I would be very suspicious and reject that.

Tbh just bring on virtual reality games and have network sites running in virtual reality such as second-life. But have this in parallel with the real world. This is most likely. You can’t do EVERYTHING in the virtual world.

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Not on your life! You have no idea what you’re missing when you meet someone online and subsequently meet them in reality. Who is going to tell you they have trust issues with someone else driving? Or even if they do, how are you going to know what that behavior is like until you actually experience it?

Virtual reality is bounded by the programming, and no matter how sophisticated it gets, it’s only a model and it can’t predict everything that might happen in the real world. The real world is so much more interesting and fun, and if I could spend time with someone I liked in the virtual world in the real world all the time, I would.

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No, indeed. Much as I love fluther, I would never give up the real world if I had to choose between the two.

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I wouldn’t chose anything over the real world. Happy Earth Day.

But the idea of merging the real world and the digital world, while slightly creepy, is also really cool.

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I agree @wundayatta you just don’t know what you are getting with on line personnas and my experience so far is what you see is not what you get both with looks and personalities. Give me the real world at least for now I may jump on board though when I’m too old to get around anymore! ;)

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I don’t know if Ipods and the Internet are much different than back when walkmans became popular or when teen girls all had their personal phone line in their bedrooms in the eighties.

I don’t think virtual reality à la Tron or the movie Clones is ever really gonna happen, or if it does, it won’t be significant enough to our survival to make us question whether or not we need to switch to one reality to another.

If it did though, I’d go camping.

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Fluther over reality no way. But for an hour a day (or two). Heck ya! :) So long as I can bring the baby ;).

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But in the virtual world I can be with Jeruba.

* sigh *

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I love walking out my door
The graphics are awesome!

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