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I was just wondering how much would braces be if you have only four gaps total ?

Asked by lilran488 (2points) April 21st, 2010

My teeth are straight but i just have these gaps on the side of my teeth and want to get them fix, and my bottom row is kind of crooked
How much would it be to get it fix?
Braces or invisalign ?

here is a picture of my teeth

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Perhaps, an orthodontist could give you a free consultation? I got one (for free).

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They don’t charge per gap. Get a consultation from an orthodontist.

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If there is a dental school nearby, you may be able to get reduced rates, if you will let a supervised student do the work.

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Invisalign starts at around $2300—$6600 depending on your case. Regular ortho is usually more. You might want to consider veneers or bonding if the spaces are minimal

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It’s not just the front, but how your molars meet.

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