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We should start a new CS:S League?

Asked by superjuicebox (383points) April 21st, 2010

I think there should be an alternative gaming league, other than the cpl & cal, and a bunch of us CS:S gamers should get together and get one started ! Is anybody else out there down to do it ? Respond to this with suggestions, interests or anything if you are ready to make it happen.

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CPL/CAL has been dead for a long time now. It’s extremely difficult to start a league, but if you’re interested in playing for one then you can look at CEVO and ESEA.

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@absalom Yeah i know its sad :[ But if you go to the CPL’s website there is a timer counting down :O . I hope that its counting down until they restart. I still want to try and start my own amateur league though, i already have a few servers i use for business at home that i could use to start. Thanks for the insight though i’m going to go look into those now :D

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For this league, do you only mean for CS ?

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You could probably start a SC league in an instant.

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@WolfFang No, it could be a league for anything. To start off though probably just cs/css and a few other source games.

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cool it sounds like a good idea! any info?

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Not yet :[ i’m having trouble getting my servers up. srcds.exe is giving me hell. I’ll update you when i get it up though.

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awesome, well I’ll always be interested so keep us posted on anything we can do to help

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Thanks ! :D i will.

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