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when does the lost season end?

Asked by trooman (34points) March 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I can’t seem to find it easialy and figured there had to be some dedicated lost fans on fluther :]

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Only eight episodes have been filmed this season. Episode six aired last Thursday. You have two more episodes and then you will have to wait about a month until you get a new one.

And I am going to miss the show so much while it is away.

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Also, due to the writer’s strike, the originally planned eight episodes this season are being condensed to five episodes.

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Six episodes have already aired this season. Or are you saying that the episodes that haven’t been filmed yet are getting condensed to five? If so, that is a bummer.

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@johnpowell: The original prestrike order was for 16 episodes. They made eight episodes before the strike, and they were planning on eight more after the strike ended, but due to the strike they had to shrink the final eight down to the final five, for thirteen total season four episodes.

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