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Spring has sprung, but, it's back to being chilly here. Do you find that when the weather goes back to being cooler (in Spring), after having had the nice weather, your mood changes?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 22nd, 2010

It’s sunny out, but, freakin’ cold. Last week, it was mid 70’s. My mood = gloomy/bitchy.

Anyone else?

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Sometimes but not always. I do find that when it’s sunny I have a bit more energy and I’m a bit happier.
Sometimes the gloomy weather does bring me down, but I try not to let it get to me.

Smiles are cuter than frowns, you know.

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Not too much.I like to be outdoors,even in the rain.get out and run anyway;)

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Maybe, it’s just me. Or, maybe, it’s something else…

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I get insanely irritable when it’s windy, which it what it’s like right now.

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Right now, it’s 39°F. Crawling back into bed with my honey would be nice.

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what’s cold weather like? As far as gloom yeah don’t I don’t like it because then I can’t go scuba diving or snorkeling grrr

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Sounds like you live in the climes I do as same here! I had to turn the heat back on after being in the 80s 2 weeks ago! brrrrr!

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It has been seesawing 20 degrees overnight here. I am OK as long as there is sunshine, but when it got cloudy and cold for several days, I was feeling it.

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The push and pull kinda drains me.

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@liminal for me, as well.

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It’s the mud I dislike this time of year. Can’t plant of build. In the house it’s either too hot or too cold. You can’t turn a wood-fired boiler on and off like a switch. If I have to choose I’d rather be too cold; can always put on more clothes. If you’re working in the cold, you can always just take off enough to stay comfortable.

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Fluther nap. Who’s up for it?

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No it doesn’t.

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@thriftymaid good for you.

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Yes, I feel a shift in energy when it’s gloomy for long stretches.

Right now my zone has enjoyed beutiful sunny 70’s and now, the last few days, cold again and rain and thunderstorms.

BUT….the light is amazing…dark skies with patches of sun that enhances the incredible greenness of things. The moss on the trees is absolutely glowing!

It’s magical, my own rain forest!

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Yes @jjmah I feel it too. The sunshine helps, but I don’t like the cold.
@squidcake The wind wears me out. It feels like you are fighting just to breath.

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The weather here in upstate NY sucks. (So what else is new…) It was in the mid-30’s when I woke up. Fortunately, I haven’t put my hibiscus plant outside yet, so it didn’t freeze. But I certainly was cold!

A nap definitely sounds good right about now.

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Cold and rainy here on the Pacific coast. :( At least I won’t be tempted to go outside and play when I really should be studying for midterms.

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Yes, same here, not studying but forcing myself to do some rewrites on a bunch of pieces I have been working on. Ugh! Not having much luck trying to force the force. lol

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Yeah same here guys….It was in the eighties on April 1st. In Minneapolis (that’s Minnesota, people!!). Yeah it stinks that it’s back to the thirties…I want summer!

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Sorry, that should be breathe not breath.

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Don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn’t start a conversation.

Kin Hubbard

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hahaha…wow. profoundly true! hehe

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@Coloma for sure….reminds me of visiting relatives…that kind of small talk drives me up the wall! Know i should not be that way, but small talk is not my thing!

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Me too…sheesh, formalities, formalities, ever notice how people always have to slog through the mundane before they can actully get to the meat of the matter? lol

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@Coloma all that “flew-flew” stuff is not my bag! Let get the show on the road and leave off the BS!

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You just described L.A. from January-May. Ya gotta roll with it.

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Even though I might get upset if the wind changes direction, the weather doesn’t really affect my mood.

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Unless trees are falling and crashing into my house, I seldom get moody or depressed by inclement weather. In fact, I like storms more now than I ever did as a kid—and I liked them then unless the Red Sox were playing (at Fenway). (These days, a day that the Sox get rained out is a day they don’t lose. w00t!)

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@tinyfaery I don’t want to roll with it, lol.

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Yes, but it’s for the better. I prefer it cool.

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We have this incessant wind going on as well so even if the sun is streaming, it’s just not great being out. I’m trying to remind myself it’s only apr 22 and it Will be nice! But I have a bunch of sewing to do so it can rain some and we need it-vpretty dry here-Alberta

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I’m not liking the intense heat already. I’d much, much rather deal with chilly weather, and I’m always freezing and hunting a blanket to put on top of me!

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I like chilly. That premature 90s streak made me mizzable. I thought we had skipped spring. Winter sucked. Summer is too hot for me. I love spring and fall and I felt cheated—now its back nicey-nice at least for a little while.

Extremes get me down, to hot or too cold to feel like doing anything. But this is like “Indian spring” I think. Extreme winters oft followed by extreme summers.

I like long long days in the 70s, occasional spurts of dramatic stormy weather, and cool nights.

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I get a little frustrated for a few hours and then shrug my shoulders and get on with it.

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I don’t want it to affect me, but it does. Just this morning I commented to my husband that it feels like we moved back to England this year: grey and gloomy everyday. Where are my blue skies?

I’m a huge fan of spring and autumn, but summer, not so much. So this year it feels like one of these days I’m going to wake up to baking heat, without having had the breezy, budding joys of spring. Boo!

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Chilly? You don’t say. In April? Gee, another proof that global warming is a hoax. We are on the verge of the next ice age.

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Today is magnificent up here! Bright, bright sun, dewey green everything, temps shooting up in to the low 70’s again! Yay!

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