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Does anyone have things they do to get rid of a cold quickly?

Asked by JONESGH (3554points) April 22nd, 2010

I just came down with the worst cold I’ve had in a while, and I have to take my girlfriend to her senior prom tomorrow night. I’ve been taking lots of vitamin c and drinking water, but does anyone have any other things they do to get rid of a cold quick? thanks!

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Echinnachea and EmergenC (which would replace the Vitamin C, but has additional stuff in it) shorten cold duration for me and relieve the symptoms.

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Theraflu works wonders for me! I take it even when I have a cold. If you’re in the U.S., the pollen is at a record all-time high, so that may be aggravating your symptoms. If you’re able to tolerate antihistamines, I suggest taking them for hours of relief, even for a cold. But don’t take both at the same time. Just choose ONE of them. Oh, also…..get the bargain brand. It’s the EXACT same thing, but wthout mthe hefty price tag. Read the labels, if you don’t believe me. Hope you feel better soon.

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Have Otrivin nasal spray with you. You can handle so much more if you can breathe easy. Drink a bunch of hyssop tea- good for colds and tastes good.

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Vitamin C prevents, it does not cure.

Pet peeve of mine.

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I use raw garlic, chopped up. I let it sit for about 10 minutes before I take it, because it will be more effective. For a bad cold that I want to get rid of quickly I take a pile about the size of a dime three times a day. If I’m really sick, I take more.

If you do this, be sure you take it with food in your stomach, or you’ll throw it up. I have a friend who rolls her raw garlic in white flour and takes it fast with ice water. She says the garlic oil doesn’t touch the mucus membranes of your mouth as much, and reduces bad breath.

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great question man. I came down with something a couple days ago. I think it is completely allergy related, but boy it is brutal! I have a great immune system, but @phillis: has it right: Too much pollen is bad for my body. I’ve been drinking up a storm. I also like TheraFlu. It works wonders on clearing your head and gettin all that crud out.

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The virus just has to run its course. Nothing you can do will shorten the process. You can treat symptoms with analgesics and antihistamines, helps you feel a bit better.

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Using too much vitamin C can cause your body to dump its entire supply. (this is not medical experience, but what I have noticed with me)
Try having Chinese Hot and Sour Soup.

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Zycam Cold Remedy and Emergen-C. I haven’t had a cold for more than 3 days in over 2 years. It’s great. Just wait an hour after using the Zycam before taking the Emergen-C.
They couldn’t call Zycam a cold remedy if it didn’t work.

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zycam and mucinex dm

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