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If you could Master any Instrument, what would it be?

Asked by speakerhead (253points) March 11th, 2008

I guess this question is for people who don’t really play an instrument or people who can play, but aren’t “masters” at them. I honestly would have to say the Piano for me. Something about it makes me wish I could play like I have heard some people.

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I’ve ‘mastered’ piano and trombone but i’d love to be better at cello. They’re just so….... alive.

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I play piano (I wouldn’t say I’m a master as I feel that description is for very few people in this world) but if I could choose another instrument to play well, I’d say guitar, cello or violin.

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I want to master the jazz flute. It’s such an exciting variation on traditional flute playing. It’s the same instrument, different style. However, my fingers are so large that I doubt I’d ever be able to play a flute at all.

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I’d choose the piano as well…too bad I didn’t practice like I was supposed to when I was little, My parents quit paying since I was wasting time :P

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I have played flute one year in middle school but I quit the band and transfered into art that I’m major in. I could play flute well :)

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I play piano and drums. I’d like to master guitar and bass-guitar. They’re so cool.

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This is weird, but I’d love to master the bagpipes!!!

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I have mastered the air guitar and piano, but have always wanted to play accoustic guitar.

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well i’m on my way to mastering guitar and i want to master it beacuse i think it sounds awesome and it looks cool and it’s fun to create new sounds on it and get all the gear that goes along with it!

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I’d choose the cello, too. Well played cello music goes right to my core I can feel it in my spine. No other instrument does that for me.

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mastered the violin, piano, guitar, and I’m pretty good at drums. Really riveting.

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I started taking violin lessons about 8 months ago, and I absolutely love it. It’s so therapeautic and it feels so rewarding to be able to play something so beautiful.

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I am a cellist! It’s great. I would love to master the piano though – so many options there.

Re cello, I have this conversation probably once a week:
Me: I play the cello!
Person X: Oh really? I LOVE the cello! It’s my favorite instrument!
Me: I hear that a lot! It’s because the cello is most like the human voice.
Person X: Wow!

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I play guitar although I wouldn’t say I’m a master. I think it would be great to play the fiddle.

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Cello or the guitar.

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@rss: that person would be me.

You know what, I really would like to master my own voice.

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@iSteve…then someday you have to see The Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland. It is absolutely fabulous. i got to see it last summer. It’s something I will never forget. It’s like the ultimate battle of the bands.

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i’m pretty good at the guitar and ok at the piano… i think if anyone says they’re a master besides maybe a few select people on the planet they’re just being extremely pretentious.

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I’m a keyboard / piano player, and I’m not very good, but I wish I could master the guitar.

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It would definitely have to be the theremin

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Classical piano….probably the only kid who wasn’t forced to take piano lessons who secretly wishes they were

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@nocountry, no, there are 2 of us. I thought I was the only 1 till now.

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@delirium. That’s hysterical!

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XD I agree! i’m happy someone agrees.

I really want to get one for my kitties.

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A month late, but uber said what i wanted to say! A theremin… I didnt know many other people knew about them =P and of course Del posts the vid I wanted to. I wish i saw this a few weeks ago!

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I’d like to master my own vocal chords because I think that the human voice is more moving than any other instrument.

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Flamenco guitar…

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Kazoo! Like the kangaroo from Kalamazoo.

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I’m sort of a jazz guitarist, quite skilled at that to be honest, but I’m nowhere near mastering my instrument. It still challenges my abilities every day. I would never be without :-)

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I got the opportunity to play the theremin during a music class once. Very sensitive!

Also, to answer the Q, I’ve heard that if you learn piano first, all the other instruments make more sense.

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@stratman: I can believe that, but playing any instrument would give you an advantage with others. You would have basic music knowledge and if you play a brass or wind instrument, you would be extra prepared to play a similar one.

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I’m learning the theremin right now. They’re dirt cheap to make.

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@winblowzxp: you wouldn’t happen to have the instructions would ya?

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I have a schematic. I built a modified version of this

stratman37's avatar

can I have a copy?

winblowzxp's avatar

For the antenna I simply used a coat hanger.

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@winblowzxp: thanx man, I really appreciate it!

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That’s a pretty kick ass instrument.

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i have mastered nothing, but would like to learn guitar. i just know i was born to be a rockstar….I took drum lessons once and nearly knocked myself out. :[

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I would love to master playing the saxaphone, Lisa Simpson eat your heart out!

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I’d absolutely love to master the Piano!

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I played the guitar for many years, but stopped cold one day. I think I realized I’d never be a superb guitarist, or maybe I just didn’t love it. It wasn’t my choice to play guitar, but it was accessible to me at the young age of 13…affordable. I’d love to “master” the piano and the cello! I do love the strings.

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what i play at the minute so piano and guitar, and it would be awesome to be able to play the violin, bass guitar (probably maybe ok to learn if you’ve done guitar (?) but i dont know about the different techniques or whatever much), definetley the drums (i’ve tried and failed…), but it would be amazing to play them and something strange, but i dont know what…

I’d love to be able to sing as well, but i guess it’s safer for everyone if i dont try…

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Violin and drums!

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I’ve always wanted to play the piano, always. Never had the opportunity and now have arthritic hands. Maybe in another life.

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i adore the violin.

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The Octaventral Heebiephone. I would have to acquire some seven more mouths first.

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An instrument of torture.

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@Fred931 I’ve never heard anyone express enthusiasm to do beginning french horn forever before.

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I would be happy if I could play piano. But I truly respect anyone that can drum.
Drumming I CANNOT do, for the life of me.

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I play piano, but i WISH I MASTERED PIANO. i can drum

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i wish i could play AND master the piano because it is simply a lovely instrument to watch being played and looks rather elegant.
but instead im on my way to mastering the flute and trying not to master the trombone

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Drums, definately. there are so many guitarists in this world and so few drummers, every band I’ve ever been in has been short of a drummer. Just look at Good Charlotte, they still don’t have a drummer.

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Well my mom is a Music teacher. So i can play lots of instrument(on avrage or little above level).
I wanted to learn play Mongolian horse Viol like my mom.

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Its called Horse Fiddle

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I would love to be able to play the accordion. they are so confusing and whenever i have tried i just cant get it to move and play the melody at the same time. good fun though when people play them well.

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It’s in between the harp, the violin or the electric guitar.

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