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Meta question: Wouldn't it be nice if we could include a comment when sending a Fluther question to a friend?

Asked by janbb (57754points) April 22nd, 2010

I’ll often send a question on here to a fellow Jelly but it might be for a variety of reasons; they know the answer, “look at how clever I was,” “do you believe someone said that?’’ I would like to be able to indicate why I have sent the question to them without the awkward additional step of sending a separate PM. I know I can use e-mail to send it and sometimes do for this reason, but I’d prefer to do it within Fluther usually. Hard to program, Andrew or Tim, or a simple idea?

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I send a link to the question in a PM.

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I like this suggestion. I’ve just been sending questions to people and then (sometimes) sending them a PM as well, but being able to do this in one step would be nice. I don’t know much about programming, but this seems like it would be easy enough to implement. (Maybe not, I have no idea.)

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What is this thing, sending a question to your friends?
Really, how does that work?

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@rebbel Right under the question in the yellow box there is a red link that says “Send to a friend!” If you click that, then you can send it via email (and you can add a message using this method) or you can send it to a user on Fluther by entering their Fluther name. The question you send them via Fluther will show up on the top of their “Questions for you” list.

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Wow, great.
I’‘m gonna use that for sure one time.
Thank you for your explanation!

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I really like that idea.

Maybe it will magically show up in the futureā€¦

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@timtrueman From your mouth to – err, timtrueman’s ear!

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Yes. Yes I would.

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Most definitely.

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