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What do you think of the newest round of Mountain Dew flavors?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) April 22nd, 2010

Mountain Dew has just released its newest round of Dewmocracy flavors in which consumers get to vote for their favorite of the three to go into mass production.

Here are the flavors:
Typhoon (pinkish red): a tropical, strawberry-pineapple flavor
White Out (white): a smooth citrus flavor
Distortion (green): a lime flavor

Have you gotten a chance to try them yet? Which one is your favorite? Why? Does the flavor stand out well? Could you see any of them becoming a regular flavor of Mountain Dew?

What are your thoughts on the DEWmocracy campaigns as a whole? Should they continue to do more of them? Should there be more and more flavors of Mountain Dew?

If you could create your own new flavor of Mountain Dew, what would it be? Could it be a possible contender for DEWmocracy?

Bonus: What would be a completely disgusting flavor?

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I don’t really like any of them enough to continue to purchase them, but my favorite is Typhoon. It kind of tastes like Hawaiian Punch soda.

White Out is pretty much just like Sprite or Sierra Mist.

Distortion, I think, has too much of a lime flavor. And is just kind of weird overall.

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I think all of the newfangled flavours of Dew have been disgusting. The last ones I tried were the World of Warcraft ones.

I like regular Mountain Dew – sometimes. Very occasionally. Random fruitiness isn’t a good thing.

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I think flavors should be named after the flavor they taste like. Having said that, I guess if I were going to vote that I would vote for the distortion/lime flavor. It sounds like it would be the least gross. The whole thing seems like a copycat M&M thing. I remember when I was a kid and a person came to our door asking us to vote for blue, purple, or pink to be the next M&M color. (I think those were the options anyway, now they have all those colors and more.)
Also, this is such a coincidence. J0E and I (and Ivan, but he was reading instead of talking I guess) were discussing flavors just the other day.

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I have never tested them:(

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They are ok if I want to piss day glo orange pee for a week.

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What would be a completely disgusting flavor? All of them. Mountain Dew is gross.

Although, it did save my butt during college. I will admit that. But it’s still gross. :-)

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I might try them if I happened to come across them but “Code Red” is still my Fave !

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I love the Baja Blast flavor that they only sell at Taco Bell. It’s freakin’ delicious.

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I haven’t tasted them & don’t plan on it. Mt. Dew is 99% sugar. Way too sweet for my palate. All sodas have a lot of sugar in them but MD is over the top.

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I don’t. They should have just stopped at Code Red. That stuff is good. But soda is all shit anyway. Healthwise, that is. All that HFCS is poison.

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The original was so bad I’ve never tried any of the others. My son liked the berry WoW flavor and the cherry one, but now he just drinks Monster. He is one, too.

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I haven’t tried any of them yet but White Out sounds the best to me.

Also, I think its cool how they do the dewmocracy thing, a little variety is always a good thing.

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I’m not a big soda drinker, but I do remember how pissed I was when they stopped making Pitch Black.
As for the new flavors.. I’ll stick with Baja Blast.

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I miss Mountain dew… I also mis L&p for all you NZ’ers out there!

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@rangerr Baja Blast isn’t new…

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@J0E I know. Implying that I dislike the ideas of the new ones.

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I can’t stand normal Mountain Dew, it tastes like dishwater that someone cleaned a car engine in.

So nevermind all those other politically oriented flavours…also white out? Ew isn’t that what we use to cover pen marks?

Man why don’t they just call it something like ’‘Rotten Ballsack with Dead Maggots’’ flavour.

I mean there’s prolly no trace of real citrus anywhere in there. Closest thing might be liquid mercury.

Sorry. I think I answered everything.

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These new Mountain Dew flavors will come and go just like new flavored carbonated drinks always do.

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Yes, I follow Mtn Dew on twitter…don’t judge me!

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